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    My Top 5 Reads of April

    This month contained so many amazing reads that I had such a hard time choosing five of them to highlight. I managed to read 28 books this month and shave some off my TBR, yay me! Although it was a tough decision to choose, I chose these five books as my favorite of the month. Realm of Flames by M. Sinclair  Pastel Pink by Nikki Minty  Morning Star by Pierce Brown  Make My Move by J. Bree  The Crown of Gilded Bones by Jennifer L. Armentrout  How was your reading month and what were your favorites?  Tell me about it in the comments below!  

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    The Crown of Gilded Bones

    Summary Poppy has come so far from when she was the maiden. She has a voice and a strength that no one expected. She has survived and has become a warrior and will fight for what she believes and who she loves. She may not be the Queen that Atlantia thought, but Poppy will do everything she can to be the one they need.  My Thoughts  HOLY SH*T, HOLY SH*T, HOLY SH*T….. Jennifer L. Armentrout is a mistress of fantasy and romance and I worship at her altar. I don’t know how she made this series get better and better with each book, but she did. This third book made…

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    Summary Fable thought that she and West and their crew could sail off into the sunset, but pirates have a way with ruining plans. Fable finds herself caught in the middle of a thug’s plan and must partner with a dangerous ally to get back to the Marigold. However, will this partnership reunite her with West or separate them even more? My Thoughts  OMG I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS READ SINCE THE ENDING OF FABLE. IT was pure torture and when it finally came out, I was so excited. Fable ended on such an unpredictable cliffhanger that I was just desperate to get the complete story and know if…

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    Sing Me Forgotten

    Summary Isda should not exist so she is forced to live in the bowels of the opera house in secret, never to be seen. Emeric is hired as the opera house’s new janitor, but when Isda hears his voice, she might do anything to hear his beautiful voice once again.  My Thoughts  Omg… my heart has been ripped out and been torn into so many pieces by finishing this devastating read. I knew what I was getting into based on the fact this is a Phantom of the Opera retelling, but I was still surprised and still as broken as I was the first time watching this haunting musical.  So…

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    Make My Move

    Summary We had Lips point of view, but what about her men? Ash, Harley, and Blaise are in their sophomore year and can’t quite understand why they can’t stop obsessing about the Mounty trash. Has she really gotten under their skin and how did she get there in the first place?  My Thoughts  OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG HOW I HAVE MISSED MY BOYS!!!! I had no idea how badly I needed to be back at Hannaford Prep with my favorite people, but I was so so SOOOOO happy to be back! I have missed this series so much and this book has renewed my love for it in…

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    The Lost Apothecary

    Summary In 1791, there was a secret apothecary, hidden away and only could be found by those that were betrayed. If you were a betrayed woman who wanted someone dead living in London, this was the place to go. My Thoughts  I picked up this book for three reasons. The first reason was because of that GORGEOUS cover, the second was because it was women poisoning people, and the third one was because of a buddy read. However, the second reason was the strongest of the three and I got a little taste of it, BUT NOT ENOUGH!!!!!!!! This book was so much better than I expected, but I just…

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    Hall of Smoke

    Summary Hessa is an Eangi, a warrior priestess for the Goddess of War. She was given a mission from her goddess that she couldn’t complete. When she goes to ask for forgiveness, everyone in her village is either killed or taken. Now she is out for revenge.  My Thoughts  So this book was definitely an impulse buy that I made when I was a little tipsy on a Friday night. DAMN RED WINE. I mean this book is interesting and I don’t regret reading it at all, but it was definitely not my cup of tea. There was no romance and there was no humor. If this was a comic…

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    Shadow Beast Shifters Series

    Summary Mera has been rejected for her whole life because of the sins of her father. She has no one she can count on except her one friend who isn’t scared to be friends with her. She was hoping her life would get better after her first shift, but when she is rejected by her mate, her life takes a turn she never expected.  My Thoughts  So I really liked this read, but I wasn’t in love with it until 57% of the book. Don’t get me wrong, I REALLY LIKED it, but I just had some issues with it at first. The main character, Mera, took me a minute…

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    Summary Seneca Rain has not had it easy and with her mother’s death, things are about to get worse. Her bully of an alpha wants her, but she could never lay down her beliefs and commit to that scumbag. So she decides to leave her pack, but will her new life be just as bad as her old one? My Thoughts  Damn, this book was brutal and crazy in the best possible way. This book took wolf pack romance to a whole other level and I was so into it!  Wow this story is heartbreaking and so devastating in the beginning, but so powerful and addicting so I had to…

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    Rabid Blog Tour

    We’re on tour with Rabid by Ivy Asher and Raven Kennedy! Get your copy of Rabid now! BLURB I’ve been waiting my whole life to get my wolf. But now that the time is here, I need to run. ⁣ ⁣Three years ago, a nightmare of an alpha took over my pack by force, and ever since, he’s been trying to do the same to me. ⁣I can’t let that happen.⁣ ⁣I need to escape him before he can lay a claim, flee from what I’ve always wanted, or risk getting a wolf that will submit to him. ⁣ But nothing goes to plan. When I’m forced to take on…