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A Book Lover’s Wishlist

As a book lover, I know it is difficult for some people to buy for me. I mean the go to thing for people to buy me is books, but many people say that they always hesitate to do so. They wonder if: I would like that book? Have I read it already? Do I have it all ready? So they usually don’t bother. I agree with them. I buy myself the books I want and don’t really need for them to buy a book for me.

However, here are some of the things I would love instead and I feel many other book lovers like me would like:

Bookish Clothing

A lot of amazing Etsy shops and places online will sell clothing with quotes from books. Most book lovers would love to have a t-shirt, a scarf, a sweatshirt, or something that shows how much they love books or characters. 

Some Places You Can Find It:


This item seems like a go to thing for book lovers especially if they like to read more than one book at a time. I honestly could not have enough bookmarks and there are so many pretty ones I want to make my own! 

Some Places You Can Find Them: (There are so many amazing and talented Etsy sellers that sell some unique ones!) 

Book Tabs 

A lot of book lovers like to tab their books to commemorate an important detail or their favorite part as they read. Book tabs are a fun and colorful way to do this without ruining their book! 

Some Places You Can Find Them:

Bookish Mugs 

I own so many book mugs that it is insane; however, I never am too upset if I get another one. There are so many amazing ones available that there is not a chance you can give a book lover one that they already own. 

Some Places You Can Find Them:

Book Subscription Boxes 

These boxes are such a fun gift for any book lover! Most of these boxes either allow you to choose a book of your choice or come with fun goodies along with the book that any book lover would enjoy! 

Some Places You Can Find Them:

Book Cart 

Book carts are very popular in the reading world and a great prop for any bookish picture. This piece of furniture allows your books the ability to be displayed or organized in a fun way. 

Some Places You Can Find It:

Bookish Stickers 

I have so many bookish stickers from my favorite books, but since I read so many books I could always use more. Everyone has somewhere they can put a sticker and there are just so many cute ones! 

Some Places You Can Find Them: (There are so many amazing and talented Etsy sellers that sell some unique ones!) 


Although some book lovers don’t like these amazing devices, most book lovers suffer from a lack of available space to keep all the books they love. E-readers allow book lovers to have as many books as they want and the ability to read them anywhere they want. 

Some Places You Can Find It:

Coffee/Tea/Wine/Alcoholic Beverage 

All book lovers love a drink to go with a good book so give that gift of warmth and happiness to your local book lover today! 

Some Places You Can Find It:

Book Sleeves 

As a book worshipper (I feel that phrase is a little stronger than book lover) I am obsessed with my wonderful books and never want anything to happen to them. Most book enthusiasts feel the same way about their babies so a book sleeve is the perfect girl that protects their favorite treasures. 

Some Places You Can Find It:

Fan Art 

Hello world, my name is Rebecca and I am obsessed with fan art. There are some amazing artists out there that have truly captured my favorite characters in the best way possible and I have to own it for myself. Any book lover would love some fan art to put in their room or bookshelf. 

Some Places You Can Find It:

Tote Bags 

All book lovers need something that they can tow their favorite books in and a bookish tote bag is just the thing to do this! 

Some Places You Can Find Them:

Bookish Candles

Candles are a huge trend online and they make a candle for literally every single character or book world. Unless your book lover has a sensitive nose, bookish candles are great and unique gift for them to enjoy. 

Some Places You Can Find Them:

Reading Journals and Cute Pens 

There are so many great reading journals that can keep track of your reading process or any overwhelming TBR stack. However, you can’t give someone a reading journal without cute or colorful pens to write with! 

Some Places You Can Find Them:

Book Pillow 

I have just discovered that this is a real thing and now I don’t know what I would do without mine! They are a uniquely shaped pillow that allows a book lover to sit on any bed or couch and read comfortably for hours without their back getting sore 

Some Places You Can Find Them:


Any great book needs to have a cozy blanket to go with it. Some Etsy shops even have some custom made bookish ones for a truly unique present. 

Some Places You Can Find Them:

Bookish Socks 

Another great way to provide comfort and give a unique gift is to give a book lover some amazing bookish socks. Toasty warm toes are a great addition to any good read! 

Some Places You Can Find Them:

Gift Cards 

I never will turn down a gift card to my favorite place to buy books. This gift allows us to splurge on a book we’ve been eyeing without feeling guilty about spending too much money. If you have a local independent bookstore in your area, try getting a gift card from there so that your friend or family member could discover a new place to love with their new book. 

To Find A Local Bookstore Near You:

Any of these items will make any book lover squeal with glee and happiness. Make sure to also check out my blog post that gives specific places on Etsy or Society Six to get some of the items I have listed above: 

If you have any ideas, items, or places that are different from mine, please let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear all of your thoughts and ideas!

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