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Angel Unseen

Tomi has been lovestruck. It is a curse that his family has suffered for as long as he can remember. It either goes very well, or really bad and when he sees Angel, all he knows is that he is hooked. 

My Thoughts 

So this book takes place in the same world of my loves. However, though there may be elements and cameos of Hannaford Prep sprinkled all around in this read, there was still a major learning curve. It almost threw me off the read for a minute, but once I met Angel and got her story, GIRL, I was hooked line and sinker. This dark romance is crazy, dramatic, heartfelt, dirty and so good…. 

At first I was a little shook because I thought this read was about completely different characters…. This is the time when you gots to read the preview so you don’t feel like a moron and suffer from major disappointment. After reading the Butcher’s perspective, I was expecting this read to be about the Boar’s MC, but it actually was a COMPLETELY different one, the Unseen, an MC gang in a completely different state that have made appearances, but we don’t know any of the characters…. except Poe so I thought we were going to learn more about her and Ruin, but nope…..  We get Ruin’s brother’s story, which again, was a little disappointing, but I got over it realllll quickly because their love story was EVERYTHING. 

The prologue just went into the story and it was a crazy thrill ride until the end! I loved the mystery and the allure that these characters had going on. First of all, the lovestruck curse was a genius because it skipped all that annoying haters that hate insta-love or insta-attract storylines. It set up the enemies to lovers vibe in a whole other direction and I was so here for it. It also kind of made me laugh because Tomi would get mad about it and it was funny. I also really liked that the author showed that it could go wrong…. Which was so unique! 

I’m obsessive when it comes to motorcycle gang romances and this one was ONE FOR THE BOOKS!!!! These men are dirty, angry, sexy, and possessive as hell and I was gagging on it. Now, getting to know Ruin was a beautiful thing (oh how I would love if Ms. Bree would write his story), but Tommy was definitely a great main man for me. He is everything that you could possibly want in a dark biker dude. 

I also was obsessed with Angel, she is such a badass chick and if I could have a fraction of her motivation and drive, I would be ruling the world. She was such a dynamic character and I just loved her and wanted her to have her happy ending so so SOOOOOO BAD! OMG and Tommy and Angel together were just so addicting and the STEAM WAS EVERYTHING GUYS! 


Oh and that ending… what the actual hell?!? Where is the next book?!?! WHERE IS IT!?! I’m going to die until I get it! 

My Book Rating

5/5 Book World 

5/5 Romance 

5/5 Plot 

5/5 Characters

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Book Details

Angel Unseen by J. Bree 

Genre: Dark MC Romance 

Published on September 25, 2020   

Copy Read: ebook (Kindle)

Pages: 397 

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