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Birth of a Raven Review


Before Vegas and her men were a part of the supernatural group, the Red Masques, she was in a small Midwestern town raising hell. In this prequel, we get to see Vegas and her men while they are still in high school and getting their start. 

My Thoughts: 

If you read any of my previous blog posts or seen any of my story highlights on the amazing and talented author, M. Sinclair, you know that I am OBSESSED with Vegas and her men. Ms. Sinclair unfortunately ended the series and my heart broke and I’ve honestly never recovered. I miss Vegas’s jokes and the love that shares between 10 men. (Yeah, she has 10 men, she is a bad ass bitch) 

When I heard that she was writing a new one, I thought it was going to be the next one in the series, but I was wrong. I mean I was slightly devastated, but I was excited that we got to see baby Vegas and see the boys before the series started. This series is so amazing and the characters were by far some of my favorites so any more time that I can get with them, I will take it. 

This prequel definitely added more depth and background to the characters and I really enjoyed getting to see more of what happened before Vegas became Vegas and the boys became the sexy men I love. The boys of course were so perfect and I loved getting to know them a little more. We also got to see some more different sides of them while they’re in high school which was completely entertaining. There was also a surprise visit from a pair of brothers that I was not expecting and I was so here for it! 

I also really appreciated that we got to know more about Lucida and Vivian. I also thought that Lucida needed more read time and I was excited that we got to see her a little more and get more background about her. I also loved to see Vivian what an amazing and caring foster mom she is! 

I only wish that we had gotten a little more chapters written in the boys’ points of view or even Vegas’s sister. Most of the chapters were told from Vegas’s point of view and they got a little dull at times because she was always questioning her confidence and the boys’ love for her. It just got a little bit old. I also thought that there wasn’t much of a plot. I almost wish the author had written the book as a collection of short stories about important memories of the characters as they were growing up and not just in high school. The boys as children would have been such a wonderful thing to read about. 

Overall, this prequel was just what every fan of the Red Masques series needed to keep us warm without more of our Vegas and her boys. I will never be over the fact that this series is over! 

My Book Rating

4/5 Book World 

4/5 Romance 

3.5/5 Plot

4/5 Characters

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Book Details

Birth of a Raven by M. Sinclair 

Genre: Mature College/New Adult Romance/ Reverse Harem Romance 

Published on October 22, 2020 

Copy Read: Ebook (Kindle Unlimited) 

Pages: 283

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