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One of the most amazing things that I have found through bookstagram is the bookish merch! OMG there is so much great stuff out there that I never even knew about and now I have to have it all. Not only am I spending all my money on all the books on bookstagram, but now some of my money is going to bookish merchandise. My husband is not happy, but who cares! Here are some of the amazing artists and shops I’ve bought some of my bookish merch from!

PixiePagesBoutique on Etsy 

Not only is this girl one of my besties, she also has the most amazing stickers and clothes available. I own almost all of her stuff and I am not ashamed because everything is in great condition and is so cute!

Book Babe Designs on Etsy 

This shop has so many amazing stickers, prints and bookmarks and I want it all! I love all of her bookish merch and she is the sweetest girl I’ve ever talked to!

Zen and Steel Designs 

This site has such great stickers and the most gorgeous bookmarks ever! They also have handmade cards that are just gorgeous!

Bookish Squad on Etsy 

This shop has so many cute shirts! They have sayings from multiple fandoms and the shirts are really great quality!

BriarWick on Etsy 

OMG BOOKISH CANDLES ARE SO FUN! I saw them all over bookstagram and I finally bought one for Aelin because I couldn’t resist any longer! This shop has candles for every fandom you could possibly think of and all they smell amazing!

A Court of Candles on Etsy 

This site also has amazing bookish candles and they also have the most amazing fan art! Please go check them out!

The Curio Depot on Etsy 

I love this shop because they have such great bookmarks and stickers! My Aelin bookmark is the best thing ever!

Bookish Stuff on Etsy 

This shop has everything that you could possibly imagine! They have everything that you could ever want as a bookaholic and it’s awesome!

A Touch of Magic Designs on Etsy 

This site has some of my favorite fan art out there! I love all of their designs and the owner is so sweet!

Jemlin Creations on Society 6 

Omg this artist has such great fan art. I want it all, but my wallet won’t let me!

Dominique Wesson on Society 6

This artist also has some amazing prints and I also want it all. Eventually I will get there!

There are so many amazing shops out there and I probably have not even made a dent in finding them all! If you have any other shops you would like to let me know about, please comment in the box below!

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