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Damsel Review


In order for Prince Emory to become king of Harding, he must perform a couple tasks. He needs to travel to the gray lands, slay the dragon, recuse a damsel, and make her his bride. However, the Damsel has no memory of who she was before she was rescued, she is to only become the king’s wife and have a son, but what if she doesn’t want that? 

My Thoughts 

Ummmmmmmmm this book was such a wonderful read and not in the ways you are thinking. It was not a romance, most of the characters made me cringe, the book made me want to throw things many times, and it could be slow reading at times. HOWEVER, this book was amazing and here is why. 

So if you are reading that symbiosis and thinking, “OMG, this sounds like an enemies to lovers fantasy romance, I need to read it,” no it is not, please don’t read this because you will be extremely disappointed. This book is not a fairytale or a romance in anyway. It is a book that destroys everything that young girls dream of and adds so many hits of reality that is almost sad. It takes the idea of a young and handsome prince, slaying a dragon, and rescuing a maiden, and squashes it like a bug. 

Yes, the maiden is young and beautiful and the handsome prince is dashing, but that is the end of the simiaries to any fairytale you are familiar with. Ama is the Damsel that the prince recuses and she has no memory of her life or anything before she is recused by him. SHE DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A NAME! So the prince names her Ama and whisks her off to his castle so that she can marry him. I mean can you imagine being in her position in 2021? Hence that terrible dash of reality added to the traditional fairytale. He basically gives her idenity and says not to worry about anything else. So her identity has been determined by a man and she gets no choice in the matter, ummm can you say red flag?! 

When they reach the castle it just gets worse. I just feel so bad for Ama and I just want to hug her. All the characters in this book sucked except for Tilla, Ama’s maid, Sorrow, Ama’s lynx, and Ama. The prince was probably the truest prince that was ever was written and it made all my childhood fantasies wither and die. HE is just disgusting. I wish there had been a little more character development with some of the characters because I found some of the other characters interesting, but it wasn’t really necessary to the storyline, I am just extremely curious. 

The writing of this book was just amazing. It felt like I was reading a fairytale from the Brothers Grim and it made the reality of a fairytale even hit more close to home. The imagery was just wonderfully done! The plot could get a little slow at times, but it was all made up for by that killer ending. The ending made this book what it was and it deserves a standing ovation. OMG it was the most perfect twist! 

Overall this book is not your childhood fairytale and such an amazing twist on such a classic idea! 

My Book Rating

4/5 Book World 

1/5 Romance 

3/5 Plot

3/5 Characters

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Book Details

Damsel by Elana K. Arnold 

Genre: Fantasy 

Published on October 2, 2020 by Balzer + Bray 

Copy Read: Hardcover 

Pages: 320 

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