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Darkest Mercy Review


In the fifth and final installment of the Wicked Lovely series, everything is chaos. Aislinn is struggling without the Summer King, Seth is stuck in Fairie, Niall is broken, Sorcha is going crazy, Bananarch is waging war, and Donia is the only strong regent in this side of Fairie. Will anyone survive?

My Thoughts: 

I can’t believe the series is over!!! It was such a wild ride and I loved even more than I did when I first read it. I thought it ended on such a great and positive note and it was everything I wanted and more. 

The book started at such a fast pace and really took off from there. The last installment started six months after the last one ended and everything is in chaos. We are taken back to Aislinn, Seth, Donia, Niall, and Keenan’s point of view in the mortal world and everyone is pretty much miserable. Aislinn is struggling to find herself as the lone Summer regent after Keenan abandoned her after the third installment. Seth is trying to calm his crazy surrogate mother, the High Court queen, down in Fairie and Aislinn doesn’t know where he is. Donia is still recovering from Keenan’s betrayal, Niall is grieving, and Keenan is lost. I honestly thought that no one would receive a happy ending, but somehow the author pulled it together in such a natural and progressive way. 

I was just so happy with how Aislinn’s character developed throughout the entire series. I honestly love Aislinn. She is by far my favorite character. Yes, she has done some things that I didn’t agree with, especially in the second installment, but she really redeemed herself in the last book. She came into her own as a strong Summer regent and truly embraced it, finally. She accepted the help from Tavish and made the court progressive by including the summer girls as a part of her advisors. I was so proud. She also had the strength to let Keenan go and accept that she could never love him and he could never love her the way they both wanted and needed. In addition, seeing Aislinn fight in the final battle was so exciting and she is so badass now! 

Seth was interesting in this book. He managed to calm his crazy mother down, I still get such creepy Stepford wives vibes from her, and make it back to Aislinn. He also was very accepting of Aislinn in the end and finally got over his petty jealousy. He also was such a wonderful friend to Niall, even though Niall tried to do terrible things to him. I was happy with Seth and Aislinn ending, but I wish we could see more of their happily ever after because it TOOK SO LONG to get there. 

Niall was definitely a roller coaster of emotions in this book. One minute he was a crazy tyrant and the next he was such a hot mess. When he finally was able to reign in the crazy, he finally embraced his role as the Dark King and forgave Irial and Keenan. I was so happy when he, Irial, and Leslie reunited!!!! They are by far my favorite couple because their dynamic is just so captivating and sexy. Whenever they are together, I really need to fan myself. I also wish we could have seen more of them together as a couple, especially with Irial in his new role. 

Keenan truly redeemed himself in the final book and I honestly like him now as a character. He let go of what he thought he should be and accepted who he truly is. He also became such a selfless character and I never expected that to happen. It was a truly wonderful surprise. Also, I was so happy that he and Niall patched things up and became friends again. Keenan finally learned to appreciate his friendships and work on them instead of thinking about himself. The only thing I didn’t like about this book was Donia. I just found all her chapters boring and I didn’t really care about her and Keenan’s relationship. 

Overall, this final installment to the series, was an action packed and heartwarming end. I loved every minute of it. 

My Book Rating

4/5 Book World

3/5 Romance

3/5 Plot

4/5 Characters

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Book Details

Darkest Lovely by Melissa Marr

Genre: Fantasy  

Published by Harper on February 22, 2011

Copy Read: Hardcover  

Pages: 327

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