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Firekeeper’s Daughter


Daunis Fontaine’s birth was anything but ordinary and has forced her to be lost between two different worlds. However, when a tragedy takes place in one of her worlds, Daunis will be forced to confront her past and her future.

My Thoughts 

So let me start this review off with a confession. I went into this book completely blind. I had no idea what it was about and I straight up thought it was a fantasy. I saw it a few times on Bookstagram and thought the cover was amazing, but after Touch of Darkness, I feel like I’ve burned just a few too many times by a good cover so I thought I would get to it later. 

HOWEVER, my first readalong crew of Bookstagram was holding a readalong for it soooooo I just decided to join. I got the ebook that night and started reading…. I did NOT put it down until I was done. I even started to fall asleep a few times while reading, but I forced myself awake so I could finish. I could sleep when I was dead because I NEEDED To finish and know what happened. IT WAS THAT GOOD Y’ALL! So you may be wondering why I loved this read so much. Well, although it was a very intriguing and puzzling mystery, the book world surrounding it and the characters that made up this tale were the true stars of the book. 

My husband is a Native American from the Navajo tribe, but he has a past very similar to the main character. Therefore, much like many characters in the book, he is not recognized by his tribe and struggles with a feeling of almost loss for that part of himself. This book not only serves as a fun and interesting read, it also alerts those that don’t know or understand how Native Americans suffer even in the present day from neglect and injustices from our government. They are forced to take the law into their own hands and sometimes people never get the justice that they deserve. I mean the blanket party alone was such a haunting element, but oh how I wished to be a part of the mob in the end of it all. 

The author used the main character’s love of medicine and tradition so that she could introduce the reader to her colorful world and I was just so in awe of it all. I am obsessed with Native American practices and traditions and the author gave me that and SO MUCH MORE. I need a piece of cedar because I will definitely have some in my shoe from now on. The setting was also SO COOL! I want to explore and find some mushrooms ASAP! Oh and the dancing, I would like a video please because it sounds so COOL! 

ALSO, THE CHARACTERS YO! They were so awesome and just amazing. My favorites just had to be Dauna and of course AUNTIE. I highlighted so much of their dialogue on my kindle that some pages are more yellow than white. Yes, the book could be pretty dismal or devastating at times, but their humor was a bright light that you needed every once and a while. Oh and Jaime….. PLEASE TAKE ME NOW YUMMY MAN! He was just soooooo romantic and sooooooo what I needed. 

The mystery element of the book was also SO GOOD. I mean I learned a lot more about meth than I ever needed to know, but that was cool. The story just kept me guessing until the very end and was anything, but predictable. UGH THIS BOOK WAS JUST TOO GOOD PEOPLE! 

Overall, there were parts of this read that made me so angry that I could spit and other parts that made me so sad I could crawl in a hole and never come out. However, the author wrote such a powerful book that examines all the aspects of this life and ended the book on such a positive and hopeful note. I was in happy tears by the end of this read and had NO SHAME! 

My Book Rating

5/5 Book World 

5/5 Romance 

5/5 Plot 

5/5 Characters

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Book Details

Firekeeper’s Daughter by Angeline Boulley 

Genre: YA Thriller  

Published by March 16, 2021 by Henry Holt and Co. (BYR) 

Copy Read: ebook (Kindle) 

Pages: 496

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