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Gangsters and Guns

Rory will do anything to help the brother that raised her. So, she accepts a bargain that will test her to the limit and something that she can never come back from. 

My Thoughts 

Soo this is the author that brought us Den of Vipers, one of my favorite reverse harems of all time so I was expecting a LOT from this book. I kind of shot myself in the foot because it did NOT turn out how I wanted and I was straight up depressed by how it all turned out. This book had moments where I liked it so I really tried to use those moments to get through the annoying ones, but in the end it wasn’t even close to the brilliance of Den of Vipers so I was just depressed.

Again… I really tried to like this book, but all the elements could not mix and make this dessert a good one. The beginning was rocky at best and extremely slow. Rory’s story was dark and sad, but the progression of her life story was very choppy and didn’t really make a lot of sense. I just couldn’t really feel any emotions in the writing and I didn’t care as much as I should have. Sorry not sorry…. SO the beginning started off a little rocky and then just went downhill from there. There were so many different plot points that were very vaguely introduced, but they just didn’t seem to work together. It almost felt like multiple books put together in one. Also, the plot introduced a major twist in the beginning and then in the middle, it didn’t even come into anything and it just didn’t make any sense. The plot just went nowhere! Usually I’m all about the steam and don’t necessarily care about the plot, but not even the steam could save this confusingly put together book. 

The men in this book were in a gang and knew my gorgeous set of Vipers, but their gang didn’t make any sense…. Like where was it?!?! I just didn’t understand the dynamics of it at all and I didn’t actually get what they did. It was all just too confusing and it almost seemed like the author was skating on the fame of Den of Vipers coat tails and it just didn’t work…. The Beast, the Brains and The Bastard were no Vipers and they NEVER will be. I just kept reading and reading, hoping that this book would get better, but it was just a cheesy remake and I can never get those reading hours back. By the time I got to the middle, I just needed to finish because I had already invested so much time in it. 

The characters….. UGH! Let me start by saying that Rory does not DESERVE a r name because she IS SOOOOO NOT A ROXANNE. She was whiny, wishy washy, irritating, annoying, and just boring….. I just did not vibe with her at all…. The boys were just meh. They were okay and they would have their moments, but they didn’t really make it and I swear they all had split personality disorder because some of their thoughts were just so confusing. 

Overall, this book was definitely not my favorite and I could not wait until it was over. 

(I feel like this review is a little mean and I’m sorry, but this is just my honest opinion and I don’t mean to offend anyone.) 

My Book Rating

3/5 Book World 

2.5/5 Romance 

2.5/5 Plot 

3/5 Characters

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Book Details

Gangsters and Guns by K.A. Knight and Loxley Savage 

Genre: Dark Reverse Harem Romance 

Published on March 26, 2021 

Copy Read: ebook (Kindle)

Pages: 569  

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