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Hardcovers or Paperbacks?

I love books in whatever form they come in. I have hardcovers, paperbacks, audiobooks, and ebooks. If it’s a book I will read it! However, like all book lovers, I have my preferences and I personally love paperbacks the most for a variety of reasons. There are pros and cons for all types of books, but paperbacks are the best to me.

  1. Paperbacks are Cheaper 

I know I know, I should not be judging a book by its price and authors deserve as much money as possible for the amazing content that they provide. However, I am a book lover on a budget and I will take a cheaper version of a book whenever I can get it. 

  1. Paperbacks are Lighter 

Lately, I have realized how old I am. My left wrist has been hurting a lot recently and I didn’t understand why. However, I realized that all the books I have read in the last week are hardcover books. Their weight is putting a strain on my wrist! I mean that can’t be all it is, but it might be a small reason. 

  1. Hardcovers have an Annoying Dust Cover 

Don’t get me wrong, I love the gorgeous covers that come with hardcover books! However, they serve only for looks because I hate reading with them on. They are also very easily damaged so I have to make sure I put them in a safe place whenever I take them off. 

  1. Hardcovers are Taller and Sometimes Don’t Fit in My Bookshelf 

I am all for gorgeous bookshelves and I take my shelves very seriously. One of the problems that I encounter when I’m organizing my shelves is that hardcovers take up so much space! If I didn’t have so many hardcover books, I could fit more books into my shelves and my husband wouldn’t get mad at me. 

  1. The Binding is Easily Damaged on Hardcovers

If you read a hardcover more than once, you’ll start to notice that the book will make a clicking sound. That clicking means that the hardcover binding is slowly becoming unglued. If you are a dedicated rereader like me, over time, the pages will start to come out and you have pages that the book will easily open to.


Books are amazing in any form they come and there are pros and cons to all forms. I just love paperbacks just a little more than the others.

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