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Seventeen year old Sky has gone through life feeling numb and feeling quite content about it, until she meets Dean Holder…. That all changes and she discovers that her life has more secrets that she could ever imagine. 

My Thoughts 

OMGGGGG THIS BOOK WAS A HEARTBREAKING ROLLER COASTER THAT BROKE MY HEART UNTIL A MILLION TINY LITTLE PIECES. The amazing and cruel (not really) Colleen Hoover continues to captivate, devastate, and warm the hearts of her readers and this read was no different. What started as a simple and easy love story spiraled into such a beautifully tragic story full of unpredictable characters and mysteries that kept me guessing the entire time! God I loved this book and has become my new favorite of their wonderful author’s list. 

I am such a fan of this amazing author, but I always go into her books just waiting for the other shoe to drop and BOY DID IT DROP in this book. This book was not what I expected at all, it was so much more, and it was glorious. My book club girls told me to read this book and I am so happy that I finally listened to this book. This book grabbed me from the very beginning and didn’t let go of me like a clingy boyfriend. However, this clingy boyfriend happened to be beautiful and very handsome so I didn’t feel the clinging as much. 

This story ripped my soul out and then put it back together. This process goes on back and forth until the very end and I have permanent stitches on my heart from it. The story is told through present and past perspectives of the main character. I really liked this idea because it added a little mystery to the plot and it became almost a puzzle that you as a reader had to put together. However, it caused me to breeze through this audiobook at warp speed so that I could find out the end of the mystery. 

The characters are very well developed and deep characters that I loved to explore and I really want more of them. Sky is such a beautiful and complex character that goes through life without a care in the world, until she meets a handsome stranger that makes her realize what she is missing. Although that idea sounds like a common one for a romance novel, Sky’s story is anything, but common and it left me reeling. I just found her to be so passionate and powerful. Holder was also such a droolworthy character that I was obsessed with from the very beginning. Their romance is not their typical one, but it was sooooo goooooood! 

Overall this romance was another feather on this author’s cap and it was amazing from beginning to end! 

My Book Rating

5/5 Book World 

5/5 Romance 

5/5 Plot 

5/5 Characters

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Book Details

Hopeless by Colleen Hoover 

Genre: Romance 

Published on May 29, 2013 by Audible Inc.  

Copy Read: Audiobook (Audible)  

Pages: 384 

Minutes Listened: 12 hours and 24 mins 

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