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How to Organize Your Books

Through my bookstagram, I have noticed so many different ways that people arrange their books. Book lovers also have a variety of furniture they use to organize them. I just wanted to write a post where I put all the ways and things they use to organize books so that readers can decide what would work best for them. Also, I hope by writing this post, I will finally have the motivation to organize my books. (Maybe?)

Bookshelves are the traditional way on how most book owners arrange and organize their book collections. However, there are so many different ways to arrange your books that it can be insane and very hard to decide. Here are some of the ways I’ve seen people arrange their books on their bookshelfies. 

Way #1: Alphabetical Order

When my shelves were beautiful and organized, I chose this way to organize my shelves. You can organize your books alphabetically by book name or by author name. Most people do it by author name so that they can find books more easily, but it is always a toss up. I think organizing books by the author’s name would be a little easier when it comes to keeping books in a series together, but that is just my opinion. 

Way #2: Genre 

Another awesome way to arrange your books is by genre. This seems like a great way if people read a genre according to their mood. This would not be a good idea if you mostly buy one genre because you would be right back where you started. 

Way #3: Color 

So this way is the most aesthetically pleasing for most bookstagramers. Arranging books by color means that you group books by color and usually in rainbow order. Although this way is so GORGEOUS in pictures, I would have trouble with this arrangement because books in a series would most likely be separated and I would struggle to find books I want to read. 

Way #4: TBR and Have Read 

This fourth way is actually a great way for people that are bibliophiles to arrange their books. I don’t know about you, but my TBR list is a mile long and I honestly can’t keep track of the books I need to read. So having separate shelves for my TBR books and the books I’ve already read would be so awesome! I’ve also seen that book dragons place TBR shelves closer to their reading spots in order for them to be at an easier access.  

Way #5: Featured Favorites 

Last, but not least, another way for book people to organize their books is to put them in any order, but choose a small selection of books and show the front cover instead of their binding. This gives the shelves a look of variety, but can waste very valuable space.  

Books carts are also another way to hold your books in a way that is easy and looks amazing in pictures. I have seen different ways that book nerds chose books to place in their book carts. 

Way #1: TBR 

I’ve seen pictures of book carts that are made to officially be books that are on a reader’s TBR list and I think that would be a great idea if your TBR list is short. My list; however, is very long so all the books on my list would not fit in my book cart sadly. 

Way #2: Recent Haul 

I’ve also seen some book friends that use their book carts to display and keep track of their latest book hauls. This is a great way to keep track of what books you have most recently bought so you won’t forget you bought them. 

Book piles and book bins are known throughout the bookstagram world and this is an organizing technique that I refer to as UTTER CHAOS. My house is full of book piles on top of bookshelves, dressers, book bins, desks and more. This is a technique I have acquired due to the fact that I can’t stop buying books and I’m running out of places to put them. I have book bins as well under my bed, in my closet, and in my garage. Maybe one day I will get my books together in an order, but for now, I will just keep piling them on top of one another and hope they don’t fall over. 

No matter how you chose to arrange your shelves or whatever you put them in, they will look amazing! How do you arrange your shelves? Is there anything I missed? Let me know in the comments. 

Thanks for reading book nerds! 

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