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It’s Me, Charlie

What happens when the person you thought was just an online friend turns out to be an obsessive monster. You never know who is truly behind the screen when you are engaging with people online. Especially, things like “bookstagram” where the community is so welcoming. What happens when your “book bestie” falls in love with you and will stop at nothing to show you just how deep that love is.

Charlie has been posing as a woman in the book community to gain the trust and friendship of the woman he has been obsessing over, Jessie. Jessie is a self-published author of smutty or erotic, books who is just trying to get her books out there in a massive genre. What Jessie doesn’t know is that her biggest fan has been waiting for the perfect time to meet her and make all of her fantasies come true.

Are you ready to meet Charlie?

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My Thoughts 

I freaking loved this book. 

Holy shit I loved how twisted and depraved and demented this book was… 

If you liked the show or the book, You, YOU WILL LOVE THIS BOOK. 

This story hits so close to home in the best way possible because this stalker’s target is me…. A smut reader that has some very dark and twisted kinks. I felt called out in such a twisted and perverse way and I was so here for it. (Ummm this doesn’t give a psycho permission to kidnap me…. Just FYI) 

Every single word this guy says…. made me feel so icky…. I loved it. His twisted and warped idea of what could make all women possibly happy was so wrong that it was almost funny. His internal dialogue was…. SO fun to read. 

Also…. This book managed to do what NO BOOK HAS EVER ACCOMPLISHED…

I was so grossed out that I gagged in my mouth. 

I had to literally stop reading for a few minutes so I wouldn’t throw up. Congratulations to this author because this has NEVER HAPPENED to me while reading a horror book. 

There is a part that is so gross (if you have read it, you know) that I almost threw up. 

I’m psycho and I loved the fact that this happened. 


The ending was a bloody beautiful masterpiece…. Jessie… can GET IT! 

Overall, this book was a VERY interesting read that will haunt me forever. 

My Book Rating

5/5 Plot 

5/5 Characters

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Book Details

It’s Me, Charlie by C.M. Guidroz 

Genre: Horror 

Published on September 25, 2022

Copy Read: ebook 

Pages: 69  

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