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Kindle Unlimited Authors for May

One of my reading goals for 2021 is to pay more attention to books written by indie authors. As a member of Kindle Unlimited, I have access to so many amazing authors and their stories should be read by everyone because they are just as good if not better than a lot of the books that are so hyped on bookstagram, booktok, and booktwitter. In order to stick to my goal, I will be sharing five new indie authors I love on Kindle Unlimited on my blog every month! Here are the five I chose for this month. 

Author: Serena Akeroyd  

This author writes some REAL GOOD reverse harem bully romances. I was instantly drawn into her book world and didn’t want to leave! I love me a revenge romance and hers was super good! Make sure to check her out! 

Series/Books I Love by Her: 

The Caelum Academy 

Where to Find Her:

Author: Avery Free

I love this author and her sexy and steamy romances! However, her cliffhangers are just MEAN! I mean it’s so good and I love them, but oh my heart. If you like an author even when they hurt you, you know they are good. 

Series I Love by Her: 

Savage Magic Academy 

Where to Find Her:

Author: Cara Wylde  

I love this author and her very unique and fun paranormal book worlds. I can’t wait to read more of her world because I’m a very avid fan! 

Book Series I Love By Her:

Grim Reaper Academy 

Where to Find Her:

Author: Avery Song 

Ummmm this author has created a very addicting and wonderful book world that I never want to leave. The boys are yummy and the main character is sassy and a little psycho. I’m so in love. Read this author when you get a chance because she is awesome! 

Book Series I Love By Her: 

Jade Storm Tracker Series 

Where to Find Her:

Author: Ivy Asher 

I have been so blessed to be introduced to this author by The Hatter Author Services and I am so glad! Her main character is HILARIOUS and so badass and her men are yummy and oh so broody. She’s definitely a new favorite of mine for sure! 

Book Series I Love By Her: 

The Osseous Chronicles 

Where to Find Her:

I hope these authors are amazing to you as they are to me and make sure to subscribe and check back next month and see new Kindle Unlimited authors for you to enjoy! If you have any suggestions about authors or books I should check out on Kindle Unlimited, make sure to add them to the comment below! 

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