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Kindle Unlimited Authors I Love

One of my reading goals for 2021 is to pay more attention to books written by indie authors. As a member of Kindle Unlimited, I have access to so many amazing authors and their stories should be read by everyone because they are just as good if not better than a lot of the books that are so hyped on bookstagram, booktok, and booktwitter. In order to stick to my goal, I will be sharing five new indie authors I love on Kindle Unlimited on my blog every month! Here are the five I chose for this month. 

Author: K.A. Knight 

OMG THIS AUTHOR IS LEGIT! I love this author so much! She creates such amazing and strong heroines and her boys are always entertaining. Her storylines are also extremely dark, but deep and very raw. If you are in the market for some bloody, but romantic plot lines, this author is perfect for you! 

Series/Books I Love by Her: 

Den of Vipers

Her Monsters 

Their Champion 

Her Freaks 

Where to Find Her:

Author: Jane Washington  

Another author on Kindle Unlimited I adore is Jane Washington. She writes such wonderful series that I just want to read over and over again. I have read some her series at least three times and they just get better and better with each read. If you love reverse harem series, get this book! 

Series I Love by Her: 

Curse of Gods 

Seraph Black 

Where to Find Her:

Author: G. Bailey 

This wonderful author on Kindle Unlimited writes books that have amazing book worlds. I just am blown away from some of these books and their fantasy worlds and I just love this author. Her characters are also equally amazing and everyone should know about her! 

Book Series I Love By Her: 

The Demon Academy 

The Demon Fall 

The Alpha Brothers 

Where to Find Her:

Author: Ivy Fox 

OMG THIS AUTHOR IS AWESOME! If you haven’t read any of her books, you need to get one now! Her characters are amazing and her steamy scenes are definitely not PG! OMG THIS AUTHOR IS AMAZING AND READ HER STUFF NOW! 

Book Series I Love By Her: 

The Privileged of Pembroke High 

Rotten Love 

Where to Find Her:

Author: Michelle Hercules 

If you are in the market for some interesting characters, book settings, and fantasy book worlds, GET THIS AUTHORS BOOKS ASAP. I really enjoyed her books and they are so well written. I just loved the books I’ve read and I can’t wait to read more of them. 

Book Series I Love By Her: 

Gifted Academy 

Rebels of Rushmore 

Where to Find Her:

I hope these authors are amazing to you as they are to me and make sure to subscribe and check back next month and see new Kindle Unlimited authors for you to enjoy! If you have any suggestions about authors or books I should check out on Kindle Unlimited, make sure to add them to the comment below! 

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