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One of my reading goals for 2021 is to pay more attention to books written by indie authors. As a member of Kindle Unlimited, I have access to so many amazing authors and their stories should be read by everyone because they are just as good if not better than a lot of the books that are so hyped on bookstagram, booktok, and booktwitter. In order to stick to my goal, I will be sharing five new indie authors I love on Kindle Unlimited on my blog every month! Here are the five I chose for this month. 

Author: Kristy Cunning

I discovered this author while I was just browsing through Amazon one day and saw the first book of her All the Pretty Monsters series. I borrowed it, started reading, and became absolutely obsessed!!!! I love her characters, they are hilarious and extremely entertaining. I also love how unique and detailed her supernatural book worlds are. I will be rereading books from her this month because it has been way too long! 

Series/Books I Love by Her: 

The Dark Side series 

All The Pretty Monsters series 

Where to Find Her:

Author: A.K. Koonce  

Another author on Kindle Unlimited I adore is  A.K. Koonce. She writes such wonderful series that I just want to read over and over again. Her book worlds are extremely interesting and her characters are from all different walks of life. I really enjoy her books and read through them so quickly!  If you love reverse harem series, look up this author! 

Series I Love by Her: 

Origins of the Six 

To Tame a Shifter 


Where to Find Her:

Author: Lucy Smoke 

This wonderful author on Kindle Unlimited writes books with very engaging and suspenseful dark romances. I love the complexity and the hard exterior of her characters and I love the journeys this wonderful author takes me on. I’m planning on reading the next in her Sick Boys series and I cannot WAIT! 

Book Series I Love By Her:

Sick Boys series 

Iris Boys series 

Where to Find Her:

Author: Ruby Vincent 

Ruby Vincent is another wonderful author when it comes to dark contemporary romances. I loved her characters so much and I can’t wait to read more from her. I blazed through one her series in two days because I just could not get enough of her characters and writing style. 

Book Series I Love By Her: 

Raven River Academy 

Where to Find Her:

Author: Siobhan Davis 

The last author of this month is Siobhan Davis and she is a wonderful writer. I was introduced to her by another reader that saw that I loved C.M Stunich and told me that I would love this author. She was right! I am obsessed with her female characters and the sexy men she creates. 

Book Series I Love By Her: 

Boys of Lowell High 

Where to Find Her:

I hope these authors are amazing to you as they are to me and make sure to subscribe and check back next month and see new Kindle Unlimited authors for you to enjoy! If you have any suggestions about authors or books I should check out on Kindle Unlimited, make sure to add them to the comment below! 

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