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Madison Kate Series Review


Madison Kate is a spoiled rich girl that wanted to take a step on the wild side. She ends up almost murdered and set up and charged with a long list of offences. When she is released, she swears she will get revenge on those who did her wrong, even if they are the most attractive men she has ever met…..

My Thoughts: 

It has been a couple months since I’ve dipped into the romantic genre pool, but this series kept me on the edge of my seat and I finished it in three days! I love the enemies to lovers trope and Ms. James has shined when it comes to this trope with Kate and her three SEXY men! 

Kate is a spunky and very funny heiress that doesn’t take crap from anyone, my favorite kind of heroine. I enjoyed her constant pranks on her men and the way she did not take any of their aggressive or possessive bullsh**t! I also really want to dye my hair pink like her, they talked about her hair so much in the series that I’m kinda brainwashed to the idea. 

Her men were also extremely delicious. Archer fit the enemies to lovers trope to a T!!! OMG HE WAS SO RUDE! I think Kate hit him at least once in every chapter. I died laughing after every prank she pulled on the cocky butthead. I liked Kody and Steele, but I felt they kind of blended together for me. I mean they had traits that were meant to set them apart, but I found myself getting them a little confused. I also found them to be a little too vanilla for me because the only scenes I found them to be really interesting is when they were training Kate or when they were doing the nasty. 

The sexy scenes in this book were INSANE! I mean DAMN GIRL! I was so so so jealous of how often they bumped uglies, they’re stamina is ridiculous! This book definitely gave me some ideas and I can’t wait to try them out. The sex scenes between Steele and Archer were definitely my favoirte. Steele was so sweet and so loving and the hate sex with Archer was 10/10!  

The only thing I found to be a little lacking was the plot itself. There were too many conflicts going on that carried out throughout the entire series and I thought some of them could have been resolved quicker than they were. I also was getting confused between the different gangs and if they were a threat or not. 

Overall the books were ended with cliffhangers so good that you had to keep going. The last book even ended with a cliff hanger and I am desperate to read Tate James’s next series, Hades! Ugh January could not come soon enough! 

My Book Rating

4/5 Romance 

3.5/5 Plot

4/5 Characters

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Book Details

Madison Kate Series by Tate James 

Genre: Mature College/New Adult Romance 

Published by Foxy Publishing in 2020 

Copy Read: Ebook (Kindle Unlimited) 

Pages: 1,783

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