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My Ideal Reading Setting

Now that the weather is growing colder, THANK GOD, I’ve been thinking a lot about what my ideal reading situation would be. Where am I the most comfortable and less distracted? What is the weather like? Do I have a drink? So many factors go into making sure that I am focused on the book and comfortable enough to stay there for a length of time.

There is one thing I thought about first and I CANNOT read outside.

I’ve tried and it doesn’t work. It’s either way too cold, too hot, or there are bugs everywhere! I tried reading in the park one time and I unfortunately sat under a tree. Bugs flying out of the sky people! I love the idea of reading at the beach, but I usually am too distracted by the waves or the people screaming in the ocean. So reading outside is officially out! 

Eating and reading is not a thing I can do!

I am a messy eater! I’ve tried reading on my lunch break and the food will get on the book and I will be so sad. I’ve tried snacking as well and I either have greasy fingers (I know, SO gross) or dust so that the books get stains. It makes me so sad! So I’ve decided I cannot read when I read. I usually only realize my hunger after I’m finished reading so it actually works out. 

So my ideal reading situation has to include the following: 

A Place Where I Can Lay Down

So I usually read either in my bed or on my couch because I need to be able to have the choice of either laying down or sitting up. I am fickle and I move around a lot when I’m reading so I need to have options. 

My Book Pillow 

So I bought this pillow from Walmart so that I can read on my bed or couch without my back killing me. If I read my kindle, I don’t need it as much, but if I’m reading a physical book, I need my pillow. I’ve named it Pages and I love it more than my husband sometimes. My husband makes fun of it, but my back no longer hurts so I don’t care at all! 


So I know a lot of people are able to watch television and read at the same time or have it on in the background, but I cannot do that! I need no images whatsoever because no matter what, I will get distracted and watch it instead. 


I need to be comfortable when I read in every possible way and clothes are a BIG part of that! What are the most comfortable items in my closet, my pajamas! T-shirts and pajama pants are definitely my preferred form of pjs. 

Complete Silence or Classical Music

I need my reading zone to be either completely quiet or I need to be listening to classical music with my headphones. People distract me no matter how amazing the book is. I have a playlist on my phone of my favorite classical songs I will just put it on shuffle and go. Classic music adds such an awesome soundtrack to sex or action scenes. My favorite song to listen to is “Overture 1812 Op. 49” composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. It is 15 minutes of amazing orchestra and I’m obsessed! 


I LOVE TO READ WHEN IT’S RAINING! Whenever I hear the rain, I just want to read. The sound is just so calming and relaxing that it reminds me of reading. When I’m at work and it’s raining, I always wish I could go home and read. 

Hot Drinks

I love to read with a hot drink next to me. Depending on the time of day I’m reading decides what hot drink I’m drinking. Coffee is definitely for the morning only because I don’t want to be up all night. Tea is for the afternoon and hot chocolate is for reading in the evening. 

A combination of all of these things makes the best reading experience for me! What is your ideal reading situation? Let me know in the comment box below! I would love to hear any new ideas that could make my reading experience better!

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