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My Reading Goals of 2021

So I know that everyone agrees with me when I say that 2020 was the year that turned into hot garbage after only two months. It has been so hard for everyone. I am so excited for 2021 and with a new year comes new goals. Here are list of my reading goals for 2021, hopefully I will be able to do them!

Read More Diverse Books 

I’m honestly trying to accomplish this idea now, but unfortunately I’m not doing all I can to do  for this! I want to read books with characters from all different places and I want to read books from more diverse authors. Now that I got most of the books on bookstagram read, it is time to give more time to this goal.

Read More Diverse Genres 

So as many of you know, I love fantasy novels and I don’t tend to read anything else. However, I think I need to read more books from different genres, especially nonfiction. I’m planning to give more of my reading time to nonfiction books every month, by making sure I read one nonfiction book a month. 

Read More Indie Authors 

So I have always read indie authors because I have access to a ton of them with my membership with Kindle Unlimited. However, I need to read more of them and make sure to promote them on my blog and my bookstagram because they are amazing and everyone should know about their amazing books.

Read 300 books in 2021 

So I’ve had this goal for a couple years and have never been able to accomplish it. However, I feel like this is finally the year when I do it so we shall see! I can’t wait to find out! 

Read All the Books I Already Have Before I Get More Books 

So my TBR list is getting insane. I probably have about 300 books on my TBR and it just keeps getting longer and longer. I just feel so overwhelmed and my finances are overwhelmed as well. So 2021 is the year I finish my TBR and stop buying every single book I see. Also, no more drunk book buying. It’s ridiculous, I know that I can’t completely stop buying books so I am going to limit myself to 3 books a month so I won’t die of FOMO.

Organize My Books Better 

So my books are just all over the place and it’s driving me and my husband absolutely insane! I got a book cart from one of my amazing friends and I plan on using that and getting one more bookshelf so that all my books have a place to live. I hope this goes well.

Keep a Reading Journal

This was also a gift from an amazing friend. I have seen so many amazing reading journals on bookstagram and booktok that I am feeling the FOMO! I think this will help with keeping track of the books I’m reading and will help with my reviews. I can’t wait to get started!!

2020 quite frankly sucked! I am so looking forward to a new year and hopefully these goals will help! What are your reading goals? Make sure to add them to the comments below!

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