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Reading Rules of 2022

The new year has started and for all book bloggers, it is time to set reading goals for the year…. FUCK THAT! 

Reading is supposed to be an escape, a way to get through it all. Why waste my escape on trying to impress people with my reading list?!?! 

 I’m almost 30 years old, I make my own money, and I have my own opinions. Why should I care what people think of what I’m reading? I want to read what I WANT! Screw those other people telling me I need to read books because of certain content, or they’re books everyone should read. 

I’m not everyone. I’m me. I like magical worlds and smut…. LEAVE ME ALONE IN MY HOUSE OF MAGIC AND SIN! So here are my reading rules of the year!

  1. DNF More

I’ve always been afraid to give up on a book, but ain’t nobody got time for that! I’m definitely going to be using the DNF button a lot more this year, even when they are ARCs. I’m so grateful to read these amazing authors, but I also have to learn how to be more honest and say no. 

I think if I DNF more books, it will make me happier and more open to read more books. 

  1. Don’t Write Reviews for Every Book

Soooooo this was another thing I really struggled with last year. I would finish a book and then absolutely dread writing a review, especially for a book that I had nothing really to say. I remember complaining about this on bookstagram and many people said that they actually didn’t write a review for every single book…. Genius!

I don’t want to ruin a reading experience if I’m dreading writing a review. I’m not going to post as many this year so I don’t drive myself completely insane!

If I keep these two rules in mind, I will be able to be a much happier and crazy reader. 

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