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Reads That Took Me On Vacation

Due to the pandemic, there has been a limit on traveling and adventure. I have been wanting to get out of California and explore the world for so long and COVID has ruined all of my plans. Since I can’t travel, I read instead. Here are some of the books that took me on a wonderful mental vacation. 

Woven in Moonlight by Isabel Ibanez 


Ximena’s parents were killed when she was very young by the Llacsan armies. She demands vengeance for her family’s murder so she agrees to become the decoy for the Condesa, the leader of the Illustrians. When the leader of the Llacsan demands the Condesa as his bride, Ximena goes in her stead hoping that this will lead to the end of the war. However, Ximena is forced to confront that maybe everything she knows is a lie and in order to achieve peace, she must betray the ones she loves most. 

This book took me on vacation to the gorgeous land of Columbia. I loved the author’s descriptions of the colors of the Castillo, the tapestries, the clothes, and the FOOD! Omg there is so much food in this book that I wanted to make up a drinking game for every time the author says the main character is eating something. I was so hungry and I wanted my grandma’s cooking! This took me on an exotic journey that fed all my senses and I just LOVED IT. 

A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas 


Feyre is a huntress and the only source of food for her family. One day when she is hunting in the woods, she hunts something she shouldn’t. As a result of her mistake, she has to leave her family and enter the world of the Fae as a guest of the Spring Court. Feyre enters a world of the creatures she was raised to fear and loathe and encounters a maze of twists and turns that she never thought she would. However, she discovers that she can become more in this new world than she ever would have thought.

I’m honestly obsessed with all Fae worlds that I’ve read and the Fae kingdoms in this series were no exception. From the Spring Court, to Velaris, to the Summer Court, I was just in awe and amazed. My favorite was probably the Summer Court due to the fact that it has everything ocean and gemstone so of course I was going to fit right in. I LOVED this book world so much.

Darkest Mercy by: Melissa Marr 


In the fifth and final installment of the Wicked Lovely series, everything is chaos. Aislinn is struggling without the Summer King, Seth is stuck in Fairie, Niall is broken, Sorcha is going crazy, Bananarch is waging war, and Donia is the only strong regent in this side of Fairie. Will anyone survive? 

Like I said, I LOVE Fae worlds and this book is included in that list. The Wicked Lovely series has to be one of my favorites of all time and the fae in this book were so SO good. I loved every place in this book from the seedy dive bar Aislinn plays pool to Seth’s converted train car.  It was such a unique, wonderful place for my brain to vacation in.   

Ace of Shades by Amanda Foody 


When Enne’s mother goes missing, she must travel to the City of Sin in order to find her. This city is run by casinos and gangs at every corner of this scary city. Enne must team up with one of the worst lords of the city to find her missing mother. However on her journey, she may discover more than she bargained for. 

The City of Sin was like Vegas and I wanted to be there SO BAD! It honestly is like Vegas when it was first created and I loved everything about it. Yes, some of the neighborhoods and individuals in the series were kind of shady, but so is Vegas so it made sense to me. I was supposed to go to Vegas last April, but I couldn’t go due to COVID so this book sort of made up for missing that vacation.

Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia 


Casiopea Tun is stuck in a life she never wanted. She and her mother are forced to work for her crotchy grandfather due to indiscretions from her mother’s past. One day, when she is cleaning her grandfather’s room, she discovers a box with contents inside that will either take her on a mythical journey that could help her escape her life of misery or lead to death. 

This book took me on a journey through different cities of Mexico in the 1920s. The author had such a poetic way to include the sites, the sounds, the smells, and the taste of these places so that I actually felt like I was there. It was such a beautiful and exotic journey that I didn’t need a vacation after I finished reading. Such a great setting for such a wonderful fantasy. 

Caraval series by Stephanie Garber 


The game of Caraval has been a magical story for sisters Scarlet and Donatella as long as they could remember. Scarlet is obsessed with the magic and Donatella is obsessed with the man behind it. When they get the chance to attend the game, will they risk Scarlet’s marriage, their father, and their future to go? 

The game of Caraval and the world surrounding was such a magical and mystical journey for the senses. Everything sparkled and was twisted with illusion and mystery that no one can help, but fall in love with it. I was mystified by all the magic and the twists and turns of the plot that I forgot I was stuck at home and felt like I was there. 

This wonderful list of books took me on a wonderful and magical journey without the hassles and the dangers of leaving my house. What books took you on a vacation? Make sure to comment the books below! 

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