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Sawkill Girls

Beware of the woods and the dark, dank deep. He’ll follow you home, and he won’t let you sleep.

Who are the Sawkill Girls?

Marion: the new girl. Awkward and plain, steady and dependable. Weighed down by tragedy and hungry for love she’s sure she’ll never find.

Zoey: the pariah. Luckless and lonely, hurting but hiding it. Aching with grief and dreaming of vanished girls. Maybe she’s broken—or maybe everyone else is.

Val: the queen bee. Gorgeous and privileged, ruthless and regal. Words like silk and eyes like knives, a heart made of secrets and a mouth full of lies.

Their stories come together on the island of Sawkill Rock, where gleaming horses graze in rolling pastures and cold waves crash against black cliffs. Where kids whisper the legend of an insidious monster at parties and around campfires.

Where girls have been disappearing for decades, stolen away by a ravenous evil no one has dared to fight… until now.

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My Thoughts 

Wow just wow…. 

This book… was…. INSANE…. 

I mean I didn’t go into this book necessarily blind because I read the summary and I’ve heard some people talk about it; however, nothing could have prepared me for the shock and horror and awe of this book. 

JUSTTTTTT I didn’t know what I was getting into until I read it and neither will you…. 

Usually in a book with multiple characters as the main character, I pick one that I like the most and kinda skim through the other characters’ perspectives… (not going to lie), but in this book I LOVED every single character and there was definitely no skimming for me. 

These complex and raw characters won me over immediately and the mystery surrounding them all was so WEIRD and so completely unpredictable. 

I mean I would think one thing was going to happen and then the author would completely blindside me and add yet another twist to this crazy tale. 

This book is also very dark and has a lot of strong and raw emotions interwoven into the plot and background of the characters. It added such a raw and meaningful element to the mystery and I just loved it, but CHECK YOUR TRIGGER WARNINGS before you dive in. 

This book is also full of many different stereotypes that women face everyday and although it can seem as though the author could get on her soap box a little, I really enjoyed it and it was all so very true. So if you didn’t like it, you could stuff it. These characters were gritty, powerful and raw and were SO GOOD

The name of the dark element is called The Collector and that in itself was an interesting stereotype of men by bringing out the best and worst in the male species. What a way to use fantasy as a tool to slap up us with a bit of reality. This author is truly talented. 

This book made me experience all of the emotions and I wish I could read it for the first time again. 

My Book Rating

5/5 Book World 

5/5 Romance 

5/5 Plot 

5/5 Characters

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Book Details

Sawkill Girls by Claire Legrand 

Genre: LGBT Horror 

Published on October 2, 2018 by Katherine Tegen Books 

Copy Read: ebook 

Pages: 458 

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