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Sequels Better than the First

As a crazy series reader, I have seen it all. A sequel that doesn’t match the amazingness of the first. An ending that broke my soul in the best way or an ending that made me question why I read the series at all. However, series are such a complicated and amazing journey that authors take readers on, so sometimes the first of a series falls short on action as opposed to the rest of the series. Here is a list of sequels that I liked more than the first book. 

New Moon (Book 2 of the Twilight series) by Stephanie Meyer

So I am a Team Jacob fan through and through and my love for the second book of the Twilight series has everything to do with that. Edward was not my favorite choice for Bella due to the fact that he mostly treated her like a child and didn’t think she could make her own decisions. I read Midnight Sun and even that couldn’t convince me to side with Team Edward. 

I felt like Bella gained such an independence in this book and I loved the friendship that developed between Jacob and Bella. I am also always more willing to read a book about werewolves than vampires and this book created such a fascinating narrative on werewolves and Native American legend. I just loved it way more than anything in this series. So TEAM JACOB all the way!

Court of Mist and Fury (Book 2 of the ACOTAR series) by Sarah J. Maas 

I enjoyed this sequel so much more than the first book for so many reasons. First, TAMLIN SUCKS! When I read the first book, I always questioned why she liked him in the first place. He is a terrible friend and he was just so boring. He was a Prince Charming that no one ever wanted. I also felt that Feyre became such a badass in this book and learned to fight for what she wanted and actually had a voice for herself and not for someone else. Also, Rhysand and chapter 55 were amazing and I wish I could relive it for the first time again. In addition, I also loved getting to know Rhysand’s friends and the beautiful land he comes from. It was such a good book!

Chamber of Secrets (Book 2 of the Harry Potter series) by J.K. Rowling

Please don’t hate me because I put Harry Potter on this list. I know that J.K. Rowling is a jerk and we should not support her in any way, but Harry Potter is a huge reason I am a reader and I can separate my fond memories of the series from her terribleness. 

So I enjoyed Chamber of Secrets much more than the first book because of the snakes and the spiders. I know, they were terrifying and gross, but they were just so interesting to read about and I wish I could speak parseltongue. I found the fact that the students judging Harry for speaking parseltongue was so annoying and I never understood it as a kid. I also loved the flying car part. This book was so good! 

Crush (Book 2 of the Crave series) by Tracy Wolff 

SOOOOOO THIS BOOK! Yes, you have heard me gush before about this amazing book so of course this sequel is going to be on the list. As I’ve said before, I thought the first book of this series was meh at best, but the author blew me away with this baby. 

First of all, there was cussing in this book, the abbreviations were so annoying to me and thought they were very unnecessary. There also was no beating around the bush with this book and everyone was open and honest with Grace about what was going on around her. Lastly, just Hudson. Hudson is a perfect and beautiful specimen of man and I want to have his babies. 

What are some sequels that you enjoyed more than the first? I would love to hear your thoughts so please comment in the comment box below!


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