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Sick Boys

The Sick Boys make the rules at Eastpoint University and are used to everyone falling in line, but Avalon Manning has never met a rule that she hasn’t wanted to break…. 

My Thoughts 

I really liked the start of this fun enemies to lovers romance. It was an interesting take on the trope and I just was gagging for more. It has a lot of twists and turns, but has so many twists and secrets that I can’t wait to solve. There were so many hilarious and dark moments in this first book that kept me hooked from beginning to end. 

Curiosity definitely killed the cat in me because the story behind the Sick Boys is a mystery I need to know! I honestly have no clue what the secret could possibly be, but I can’t wait to know more. The author gave little tidbits and hints as the story went on, but I need the whole package people! The appetizers were not enough to wet my appetite, I need the entree because I am a hungry hungry female! However, there were a lot of things that were being introduced and I got why we didn’t get everything so it worked and it kept me intrigued for the next book. 

Although I didn’t get everything from this plot, I got what I needed from this MC. Avalon Manning is a character that gives absolutely no f*cks and it was so beautiful. She did so many things that shocked me. She came in and just blew crap up and didn’t care. I want to be her when I grow up! Dean and his sick boys are also fun, but Avalon should definitely RULE THE SCHOOL. 

Overall, this book was a powerful beginning and I can’t wait to see what happens next! 

My Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

My Thoughts 

Sooo this sequel was very good, but it didn’t give me everything I needed. It just piled on more and more mystery and I just want to KNOW DAMNITTTTT! 

The ending of that first book just about killed me and I just needed to know who was responsible and to see this poor female get the revenge she deserves. This mystery is a very complex and intricate one that just keeps getting more and more things added to it, but not enough revealed to stop me from going insane. I kept reading and reading because I thought something concrete would be unleashed, but nope. It was kind of frustrating for me, but it didn’t ruin the story for me by any means. 

Avalon Manning continues to be her badass self and just keeps getting better and better like blue cheese. She is the Atlas of the story in a way that she carries the entire story on her shoulders… if she was not in the story, I would no longer be reading. Between her crazy antics and her hilarious dialogue, I was here to stay. I mean Dean and his steam also helped, but Avalon is a champ. 

There were so many twists and crazy turns. I need the next book before my frustrations finally get the best of me. 

My Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

My Thoughts 

DAMMMMMMNNNN WHAT A CRAZY RIDE. This book just kept going and going and going and GOING and it was shocking, but the villain was sort of a let down… 

Avalon also brings the funk to the party and in this book it was no different. Dean brought the steam and he and Avalon are a sexy and entertaining steam machine! Their fights are entertaining and give me life, but Avalon wears the pants in the relationship and Dean should man up and learn that. This third installment was crazy, intriguing, action packed, humorous, and steamy. Such a fun ride! 

Everything is FINALLY REVEALED, but since I have had mystery blue balls this whole ride, the villain was NOT what I expected. I mean….. Couldn’t it have been just someone a little less predictable? Avalon deserved a much better villain in my opinion! HOWEVER, the ending for Dean and Avalon was much deserved and it melted my black heart into such an ooey gooey mess. 

This installment also brought up the mystery and intrigue of Rylie and I cannot WAIT to get her story!!!! 

My Rating:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

My Series Rating

4/5 Book World 

4/5 Romance 

3.5/5 Plot

5/5 Characters

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Series Details

Sick Boys series by Lucy Smoke 

Genre: Dark Enemies to Lovers Romance  

Published on October 2, 2020 – April 30, 2021 

Copy Read: ebook (Kindle) 

Pages: 1,260

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