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Some of My Favorite Book Boyfriends

As a book lover, one of the main things I find is that with each book I develop a new fictional relationship with a certain character and I wish they were real. My husband is great, but there is just something about a boy from a book that is just a little better. Here are some of my recent book loves, but trust me, there are many more! 

Wraith from Kingdom of the Wicked by Kerri Maniscalco 

OH THIS BOY IS YUMMY! He is sarcastic, evil, hilarious, and so dark. He is a mystery wrapped in a very handsome package that I can’t wait to unwrap in the next book. I was so in love with his character that I felt violated when the book ended too soon and when the main character didn’t want to rip all his clothes off. 

Hudson from Crush by Tracy Wolff 

HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE THIS BEAUTIFUL MAN!?! He has a sexy accent, he makes every single line into some form of sarcasm, he’s possessive and growly, and he loves with his whole soul. MOVE OVER JAXSON and please go away. Hudson is here to stay. I’m dying to find out more about this fictional character and the next book couldn’t come soon enough!!! 

Fenrys from Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas 

Fenrys is the best boyfriend and best friend that any girl or boy could ever want or need. I think he is SO underappreciated in the series and I wish he was one of the main characters! He had such great dialogue and his banter with Aelin was SO GOOD! I wish he could have his own book because I want him to get his own happy ending like everyone else. 

Cassian from A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas

This boy is a riot and I really enjoyed him in the entire series. Rhysand is my first love of the series, but Cassian is a VERY close favorite. He is just so lovable and he can make even the most prickly characters laugh out loud. I can’t wait for the next book of the series where he gets the attention that he deserves. 

Hawke/Casteel from Kingdom of Flesh and Fire by Jennifer L. Armentrout 

Oh man is this boy delicious in every way that you could possibly want. He is clever, warm, sweet, and hilarious. I just love the way that he lets Poppy be herself, even if she wants to stab him for being annoying. I just love their love and I want more!!! 

There are so many book boyfriends and girlfriends in my brain and these just stood out to me recently. I’m sure I’ll have some new ones soon. Who are your book lovers? Make sure to write a comment below, I would love to get to know more! 

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