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Some of the Series I Want to Read in 2021

I have a long long loooooooong TBR list and it just gets longer and longer. This year I am hoping to read a lot of the books from my TBR and to finish some series that I’ve been putting off for years! Here are some of the series I would like to read and finish in 2021

An Ember in the Ashes Series by Sabaa Tahir 


Laia is a slave in a Roman Empire like setting. Her brother is taken and in order to get him back, she must spy for the rebels and enter into the prestigious military academy. There she will meet Elias and together they might realize that fate has other plans for them. 

I started reading this series when the first book came out and never finished it! As always each book takes a year to come out and I will get distracted by other books. However, I am determined to finish this book due to the fact that I have all the books except the last one. I can’t wait! 

The Poppy War Series by R.F. Kuang


Rin is a war orphan whose guardians plan to marry her off in order to get rid of her are not happy. Rin has passed the test of the Academies and will be able to leave her dismal life and start anew. However, she discovers that she has these new powers and may be able to save her world, but it may come at a cost she never wanted to pay. 

So I want to read this series for several reasons. First, I would fit into my reading goal of diverse books. I would love to keep that goal going. Also, the book just sounds amazing!!! It is something I have never read before and I have heard so many good things about it. I honestly can’t wait to get started! 

Empirium Series by Claire LeGrand 


Two queens, one of Light and one of Blood. Separated by 1,000 years. One is fated to destroy the world and the other is fated to save it. However, which one of them is who? 

This series sounds extremely interesting to me and I honestly can’t wait to start it. I’ve heard nothing, but good things about the books. I believe that 2021 will be a wonderful year if I read these beauties. 

The Shadow Game Series by Amanda Foody


When Enne’s mother goes missing, she must travel to the City of Sin in order to find her. This city is run by casinos and gangs at every corner of this scary city. Enne must team up with one of the worst lords of the city to find her missing mother. However on her journey, she may discover more than she bargained for. 

I have already started this series and it had such a great start! Omg! The setting, the characters, the mystery, the powers, the plot, it was all dynamite. I just have to find out what happens next! 

Red Queen Series by Victoria Aveyard


In a world divided by blood, Mare Barrow was born a red girl, a mere commoner. When she gets a job working in the palace full of silver bloods, she discovers that she has powers of her own that could destroy her world. 

This is a series that I started and never finished. Again, I got distracted by other books and then I heard some bad reviews about the ending. However, I want to make this series a priority because I remember loving it so much and I want to finish it until the end.

LifeLike Series by Jay Kristoff 


In this science fiction dystopian world, Eve finds the remains of an old android in her home of Scrap. She will use this android to help save her world and discover herself from her forgotten past. 

If you have read my blog before, then you know that I am such a huge Jay Kristoff fan! Last year I managed to finish three of his amazing series. Since it is a new year, I need to read a new Jay Kristoff series and no one does science fiction like this guy! I can’t wait to dig into these books and discover yet another world that this genius has created. 

Stalking Jack the Ripper Series by Kerri Maniscalco 


Audrey Rose Wadsworth lives the life of luxury and privilege, but after all the tea and socializing, she is studying forensic science under the watchful eye of her uncle. When the Leather Apron starts killing prostitutes in White Chapel, Audrey is determined to find the culprit even if it might be someone she loves. 

Victorian England, serial killers, forensic science, badass feminists, and handsome sarcastic partners, who wouldn’t want to read this series?! Each book puts a wonderful twist on a character from history and adds a romance with banter funny enough to have milk go down your nose. I have finished the first two and cannot wait to read the rest. These books are so wonderful! 

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer


In this science fiction retelling of Cinderella, Cinder is a cyborg and her prince is a soon to be emperor with an evil queen vying for his attention. Can these two find love with one another in a world where a deathly plague is killing half the population? 

This series takes classic fairy tales we all love and know and puts a science fiction spin on them! How awesome is that! I finished the first book of the series and I cannot wait to read the others.

These are just some of the amazing series I want to read in 2021. What are some series you want to read in 2021? Make sure to put them in the comments below! 

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