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The Bargainer Series

It has been 7 years since Callypso Lillis asked the Bargainer for help. When he suddenly pops back into her life, she fears what he has come to collect. 

My Thoughts 

So I’ve been putting off reading this book for so long and I honestly have no idea why. I love this author and her series, The Fallen World has got to be one of my top favorites….so why did I put off this book for so long…. Well I was lazy and dumb enough to not have read the synopsis and realize what this series entailed…. Ummmm sexy and damaged fae and an MC with some crazy cool powers…. 

I feel so dumb for not reading this series sooner! 

I really did enjoy the series and all its steam and fantasy moments, but I felt like battles and action was missing. There was so much waiting around for things in the plot and I didn’t know why. I think I have been jaded or something by ACOTAR and The Cruel Prince series because I just craved more battle scenes in this series.  

I mean the SMUT was SO DAMN GOOD and I LOVED the Bargainer and the MC so much, but……. These characters have amazing powers and badass personalities, why didn’t they use any of it. I would’ve loved to have seen Desmond make some bargains with people along the way of getting to the battle scenes. I also wish I had seen Callie use her powers more. I just wish there had been more development and more of everything. 

The first book’s introduction of the Baragianer and Callie could have been much faster…. Yes I enjoyed it and I loved the timeline switch from past and present, but I wish the author had focused on that and then moved the plot forward much quicker. The second book was once again great, but the plot kind of dragged…… 

The third book finally got to the battle sequences and was FREAKING AMAZING, but it took too long to get there. 

So although I enjoyed this read and couldn’t stop reading it, it was just missing a little sprinkle of action….. 

My Series Rating

5/5 Book World 

5/5 Romance 

5/5 Plot 

5/5 Characters

Series Details

The Bargainer series by Laura Thalassa 

Genre: Fantasy Romance   

Published on November 15, 2016 – October 28, 2018 by Lavabrook Publishing Group, LLC 

Copy Read: ebook (kindle) 

Pages: 740    

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