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The Bridge Kingdom


Lara has spent most of her life in the Red Desert. She has been trained for one mission, to take down King Aren and take the Bridge Kingdom in order to save her people. But, what if all she trained for has been a lie?

OMG THIS READ WAS SO KILLER IN ALL THE BEST WAYS, SHAPES, AND FORMS. I loved this read from beginning to end and I am gagging on the read’s badass eleganza!!! 

This book started on such a crazy and dramatic note from the very beginning and just like that, I was glued to the pages. I devoured this book from beginning to the last page and it was just so damn good. The story of this fantasy world and its amazing characters was truly so well developed, well thought out, well written and has become one of my favorites. If you are obsessed with Throne of Glass like I am, this book is the next read for you. The writing was addicting and gave me exactly what I needed for a fantasy. 

The book world was detailed, fantastical and can I go there now and have an adventure? There was ocean, desert, kingdoms, spy escapades, assassins….. UGH JUST SO GOOD! Not only was the book world amazing, the plot was flawless. It hurt my soul in the best way and had just enough character development and just enough insane action, it would make both male and female fantasy readers happy. This book’s story was like a Six Flags Magic Mountain roller coaster….. It was jaw dropping, death defying, and made my stomach drop and think everyone was going to die. 

I am also in L-URRRRVEEE with the characters. OMG ALL OF THEM ARE SO BADASS AND CAN I BE THEM WHEN I GROW UP!?!? Lara was badass, she was stabby, she was elusive and sexy. OMG I WAS IN LOVE. I just wanted her to get her happy ending because boy this girl deserves it. Aren is my new love and no one can tell me different either. This couple is so perfect and the angst is killing me SMALLS! Oh….. there is steam in her boys and girls and it is much better and dirtier than I was expecting….. Good job Ms. Jensen, you definitely made my motor run! 

This book ended on such a crazy note that I can’t wait for more!! 

My Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

UGHHHHH I LOVED THE FIRST BOOK, BUT THIS ONE WAS EVEN BETTER. Omg the angst, the heartbreak, the betrayal, the forgiveness, the violence. It made that first book seem like a cakewalk compared. I was damn obsessed again and pissed that there is no more! 

We were left with such a sad and sour taste from the first book and from beginning to the very end, this book made me have ALL the emotions. I again devoured this read and almost ripped my husband’s head off when I was interrupted…. Sorry not sorry. So just when I thought the first book was crazy…. THIS BOOK WAS EVEN MORE INSANE. I mean these characters could have died any second and I got a cramp in my finger from turning the pages so fast!!!! There was no stopping the action in this story, it just kept coming and coming and coming, and just when you thought it was over… there was MORE! 

There was just so much heartbreak in this book and it made meeeeeeee cry. I actually teared up at some parts because I had no idea how my beautiful people were going to come back together again. Although the angst added so much forbidden and delicious steam to the read so that was definitely a win from the heartbreak. This book was such a masterpiece and this author has become a definite favorite and autobuy author for me. 

Also, Lara just kept getting more badass. I am obsessed with her… MOVE OVER AELIN, there is a new badass in town and she is coming for you. Also Aren could kick Rowan’s butt any day. I mean not really, but he has a special place in my heart now for sure. 

Overall, this duology was AMAZING and I can’t wait to read more from this author! 

My Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

My Series Rating

5/5 Book World 

5/5 Romance 

5/5 Plot

5/5 Characters

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Series Details

The Bridge Kingdom series by Danielle L. Jensen 

Genre: Fantasy 

Published on June 9, 2020-  September 1, 2020 by CLA

Copy Read: ebook (Kindle) 

Pages: 708

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