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The Corpse Queen

When Molly Green is sent away to live with her mysterious aunt, she is thrust into a world of dead bodies, science, and murder…. 

My Thoughts 

So this book just grabbed me by the title, I’m not going to lie. I found the cover on bookstagram and I knew I just had to read this book. I didn’t care what it was about or if it had romance or the like, I just knew it had to be read. 

Therefore, I went into this book completely blind and had no idea what to expect. I’m really glad I did because it was such a fascinating world of science and it’s fascination with death. It was also a beautifully haunting story about women that had to sacrifice so much for things that men get handed to them. 

I LOVED Molly so much! 

She is such a flawed character, but so real at the same time. We saw her struggle to find out who she was through a maze of triumphs and failures and it was just SO INTERESTING. I’ve been fascinated with this world of selling corpses and medical students actually committing crimes in order to better themselves in science and it both haunts and consumes my interest. I loved how we saw Molly struggle with this morbid fascination and saw the lengths that she would go in order to achieve success…. I loved that the author didn’t make her self righteous or when she was, she was forced to come to terms with her hypocritical nature. It was so well done! 

I also loved the twists and turns the book took me on. It was so crazyyyyyyyyy and things I never expecteddd! Also, the identity of the mysterious first person perspective truly shocked me and I kinda want to read it again to see all the clues I missed! 

However, the ending really really REALLY annoyed me…. IT was SO GOOD until the last two chapters. I felt the ending was so SO lame compared to the rest of the book and it made me so sad. I get leaving an opening ending for Molly and her ability to stand on her own two feet, but really?!?! That letter kind of pissed me off. I felt like it was so unnecessary.

Overall, I really REALLY liked this book, but the ending was kind of disappointing…  

My Book Rating

5/5 Book World 

0/5 Romance 

4/5 Plot 

5/5 Characters

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Book Details

The Corpse Queen by Heather Herrman 

Genre:  Historical Feminist Thriller      

Published on September 14, 2021 by G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers 

Copy Read: ebook (kindle) 

Pages: 320

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