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The Coven

Raised to be my father’s weapon against the Coven that took away his sister and his birthright, I would do anything to protect my younger brother from suffering the same fate. My duty forces me to the secret town of Crystal Hollow and the prestigious Hollow’s Grove University—where the best and brightest of my kind learn to practice their magic free from human judgment.

There are no whispered words here. No condemnation for the blood that flows through my veins. The only animosity I face comes from the beautiful and infuriating Headmaster, Alaric Grayson Thorne, a man who despises me just as much as I loathe him and everything he stands for.

But that doesn’t mean secrets don’t threaten to tear the school in two. No one talks about the bloody massacre that forced it to close decades prior, only the opportunity it can afford to those fortunate enough to attend.

Because for the first time in fifty years, the Coven will open its wards to the Thirteen.

Thirteen promising students destined to change the world.

If the ghosts of Hollow’s Groves’ victims don’t kill them first.

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My Thoughts 


Like my mind is blown and I probably will not be able to recover until I get my hands on the next book. 


I also love that this author said that there was a betrayal in the trigger warnings. I didn’t know that was a thing, but I very much appreciate it because I WAS NOT PREPARED AT ALL. 

There is betrayal… and then there is STABBED IN THE BACK 40 TIMES BETRAYAL…… this cliffhanger is kind of like that. 

There were so many things to love about this book. Like seriously. If there was a recipe to create the perfect fantasy… this one would be a tiramisu for me (If you don’t know already, that’s my favorite dessert. haha) 

First of all, you have a gorgeously written and well planned magic system and book world. I love the different houses of magics and I loveeeeee the coven. Like they are so creepy and disgusting and I LOVE IT. So unique and creative! I had to read that description over and over again just to make sure I read it correctly. Everytime I read it, I got the creepy crawly chills. It was awesome. 

The Vessels were also SUPER interesting. I loved this take on the idea of a, “vampire.” I use this term very loosely because once you read it, you’ll understand. Our stereotypical idea of vampires are very unlike these ones and I really enjoyed it because vampires are honestly boring for me these days. Edward killed them from me with his creepy ways and STUPID dialogue. 

Another thing I loved was the banter between characters. IT WAS FREAKING PERFECT….. 


Just chef’s kiss on the banter y’all. 

AND ANOTHER THING.. The plot. It was twisty and windy and I never knew what to expect. I felt like every chapter was a landmine and I actually enjoyed exploding…. Figuratively of course hahaha. 

AND ANOTHER THING…. The steam was soooooooooo dammnnnnnn goooood. HOLY MOLIE  Alaric Grayson Thorne… just yummmmmmmmmmm. He got the dirty talk and the praise kink downnnnnn. 

I loved every SINGLE thing about this book. JUST read it and you will praise my advice later. 

My Book Rating

5/5 Book World 

5/5 Romance 

5/5 Plot 

5/5 Characters

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Book Details

The Coven by Harper L. Woods 

Genre: Fantasy Romance 

Published on March 16, 2023

Copy Read: ebook 

Pages: 298   

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