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The Heir

The Kingmakers Academy is the most brutal college in the world. Leo and Anna are the freshmen in a world full of murders and criminals. Will they survive? 

My Thoughts 

Omg….. just ugh this book was nothing what I wanted and what did I just read…. 

I have seen this book all over bookstagram and has been recommended by some of my favorite accounts so I thought I would join the frey and try it out. Don’t let this cover fool you, the steam is not here children, the men are NOT spicy, and the book world is like the mafia and Harry Potter had a baby…. and NO it was NOT a good combo. 

THIS BOOK WAS SO GOSH DARN SLOW…. what the hell!?!?! First of all… what was with all the sports!? I’m sorry…. this college is about the criminals of the world banding together to make themselves more dark and terrifying… where the hell was that storyline because it was NOT here. I don’t care that Leo can play basketball…. NO ONE CARES! 

The beginning was a slow one and it just never really took off for me and I just wanted it to be over…. It all just seemed to drag and the romance wasn’t even until like 70% into the book. Don’t call it a romance if there is no romance. And once the romance was added, it didn’t really add anything to the story because it was much too late. I just don’t understand why so many people loved it….. Please someone tell me because I don’t see it. I also was getting some Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire vibes; however, the trials were LAME. There were no dragons, no mermaids…. Just NO! It didn’t work. 

Also… the characters… just were not good. LEO WAS SO BORING AND ANNOYING AND ANNA SHOULD NOT HAVE GIVEN HIM THE TIME OF DAY… Anna is a badass and Leo is a cockroach she should just crush under her foot and call it a day. She was the only good thing about this book. I would literally skim until her chapters. She is the MVP of the book (I know it is a sports reverence, but since there is so much unnecessary sports in here, I thought it was a good label for her character.) Also, I didn’t understand why we got Dean’s perspective. I thought it distracted from the story and made the book longer than it needed to be. 

However…. Although I did NOT enjoy this installment of the Kingmakers…. I will be continuing to the next book because the characters it centers around are ones I did grow to like and I’m curious about their story…. DAMN MY CURIOSITY! 

My Book Rating

3/5 Book World 

2.5/5 Romance 

3/5 Plot 

2.5/5 Characters

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Book Details

The Heir by Sophie Lark 

Genre: Friends to Lovers Romance 

Published on April 4, 2021  

Copy Read: ebook (Kindle)

Pages: 532   

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