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The Lost Apothecary


In 1791, there was a secret apothecary, hidden away and only could be found by those that were betrayed. If you were a betrayed woman who wanted someone dead living in London, this was the place to go.

My Thoughts 

I picked up this book for three reasons. The first reason was because of that GORGEOUS cover, the second was because it was women poisoning people, and the third one was because of a buddy read. However, the second reason was the strongest of the three and I got a little taste of it, BUT NOT ENOUGH!!!!!!!! This book was so much better than I expected, but I just wish there were more poisoned male jerks! 

This story was held equally in the past and the present and was told through multiple perspectives from both those time periods. These three strong and broken women find a way to heal each other which I did not think was possible for a book that valued poison as a tool. The past time period is also set at one of my favorite time periods and in my very favorite setting. It was such an unique and amazing story that was discovered in such a wonderful way. I was in love with it. 

The book told such a captivating and addicting story that I couldn’t put it down until the very last page, even though I was only supposed to read a little bit every day as a buddy read. I am such a terrible reading buddy sometimes….. 

Both of the stories told in the dueling perspectives were interesting, but I definitely enjoyed one more than the other. The present tense told the story of Caroline trying to escape her problems during a vacation in London. I thought her story was interesting and I really enjoyed it, but a bad marriage compared to the other time period’s unique story was so blase. Enjoyable, but a repeated tale. 

The past characters’ perspectives told the story of a Nella, an apothecary with the job of assassin instead of healer that only helps desperate women. OMG I loved her perspective so much and found it to be completely fascinating. There were some bits of Eliza’s, her sort of apprentice perspective added more of a depth and fasication for Nella, but it didn’t really add anything for me other than to learn more about the book world and Nella.

The explanation and setting of both Nella and Eliza’s perspectives were definitely my favorite due to the murder, the natural concotions and the mystery. However, I felt like there just wasn’t enough of it!!! I wanted more explanation about it and I just wanted more about the job and less about the characters and their relationship. I just wanted more posion and more murder, damnit! Sorry not sorry. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this read, but I just wanted more and more murder and less similar stories of broken marriages. 

My Book Rating

4/5 Book World 

4/5 Plot

3/5 Characters

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Book Details

The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner 

Genre: Historical Fiction   

Published on March 2, 2021 by Park Row  

Copy Read: Hardcover 

Pages: 320 

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