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The Mask of Mirrors


Ren is from the streets who would do anything for her sister. Her and her sister create the con of a lifetime so they never have to be on the streets again, but it just pulls them into a world of even more dirt and destruction. 

My Thoughts 

One of my bookstagram friends recommended this book with the highest of praises and because I trust her judgement I had to pick it up. I was right and I was a little wrong at the same time. Yes, this book was amazing and I loved it, but BOY WAS IT EXHAUSTING! I loved the book world and I loved each and every character in the book, BUT THERE WAS JUST SO MUCH! The book honestly should have been split into two different books because that book was thick and it was A LOT! I know this all seems like I didn’t like it or I was bored reading it, but nope, that’s completely inaccurate. 

This book world was extremely complex and full of very intricate details that made my heart soar, but also made my head spin. The authors graciously included a complete glossary and family tree list, BUT I felt like since they included this, they were not really supposed to explain anything about the book world or the magic system. I found myself constantly flipping back and forth between the story and the glossary. My head was definitely going through whiplash, but it was worth it to me. 

This book world WAS AMAZING and this magic system WAS CRAZY AWESOME. The fortunes, the masks, the “shadow like” world, the drugs, the streets, the families’ dynamics, it all was so gorgeously interesting. I loved every minute. The only thing that I am confused about is the masks and the world they go into. Facts about the masks venture in and out of the book, but nothing real concrete so I need more information about that. I also was a little confused about the world they venture into and would LOVE more answers to my questions about that. 

The characters of this read were also super intriguing! I loved every single one of them. My favorites were of COURSE, Ren and the Rook. Ren was such a badass character that I wanted to win so badly. She was so tough and would do anything and everything to make sure to give her family the things they deserve and BOY WAS SHE RESOURCEFUL! I also was in loveeee with the Rook. He was full of mystery and yumminess and he is definitely in my top five book boyfriends guys. He reminded me of a feistier and steamier version of Zorro and I was so on board. When the identity of Rook was revealed, I WAS DEFINITELY SURPRISED. I never saw that coming and it was such a yummy surprise! 

The book had many small moments of steam, but I NEED MORE MAN…. Ren and Rook are so steamy and I need more of their sexy moments. I also was in LOVE with Vargo and his steamy encounters. BOY IS HE YUMMY! 

Overall, I loved this read, but will definitely have to reread it before I read the next book…. 

My Book Rating

5/5 Book World 

4/5 Romance 

5/5 Plot 

5/5 Characters

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Book Details

The Mask of Mirrors by M.A. Carrick 

Genre: Fantasy 

Published on January 21, 2021 by Orbit 

Copy Read: Paperback 

Pages: 630

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