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The Sinfully Savage Series


The Villani brothers always put their family first, but the four of them will meet their match and their lives will change forever.

My Thoughts 

This steamy read was great to get my loins burning, but it also helped burn a lot of my annoyance as well. Yes, the book got my attention and had some very creative and steamy scenes, but I felt that the characters were just not my favorite and I found the storyline to be a little choppy….

The characters were fun in the sack, but I would NOT want to be friends with them in public….. It is sad, but very true. 

I thought Matteo was a fun personality when they were in the bedroom, but I found him to be very blah and gruffy outside of it. Yes, gruffy can be good and all, but there was just not anything else in his personality that forgave the gruffiness so I just found it more irritating than endearing. 

I also felt like Heaven was a broken record and I just was honestly so annoyed by her too. She would have these toddler-like tantrums with no usual basis and it would lead her to make terrible mistakes that other people needed to clean up.  Yes, her family life was very crappy and she should not have been in that situation at all, but her reactions were not what I was led to believe she was. She pretended to be this underboss and wanted to prove herself to her father, but I felt like all she did was complain and didn’t take any actions. 

Lastly, the storyline was kind of a slip to me. I just felt that there was just so much going on and not enough attention to making everything mesh together correctly. I could see the potential of the plot and the conflict, but they just didn’t jam like they should have. 

Overall, I want to continue reading the series because I’m intrigued with the brothers and I would love to get to know them too. 

The second installment of the Sinfully Savage Series, follows the story of Sergio and Jae. Sergio is the second oldest of the Villani brothers. There were some things that I liked about the book and others that I didn’t like as much..

This book was another steamy read and had such savage and fun characters. Jae was such a sassy and fun chick with some hilarious dialogue. She was tough as nails and I so loved her badass moves and badass mouth. I also enjoyed Sergio very much. He was so yummy and made some very interesting and creative choices inside and outside the bedroom. IT WAS SO GOOD people! However, I felt like he and Heaven from the first book were VERY similar in that they would do things were honestly kind of dumb and then it would force other people to clean up their mess. I just would shake my head and laugh. 

Although I liked the steam and I liked the characters, I felt like the plot was still a little rushed and some twists straight came out of nowhere and were not explained even after they were resolved. I was just so confused! I also felt like the conclusion came out of nowhere as well and I was kind of disappointed in the end. 

This third installment of the Sinfully Savage series follows the story of Roman and Chella and this one was definitely a highlight of the series. I really liked this installment and I just found the whole book to be such a joy to read! 

Although all the books of the series started out as an enemies to lovers story trope, this installment had a great twist that was demonstrated in the beginning which made it stand out from the other books that came before. The story combined the tropes: friends to lovers and enemies to lovers and it was such an unique and fun twist to the plot. I also felt that there were so many fun twists and turns to the plot with so many crazy secrets that added such a mysterious and dramatic element to the plot as well. 

Not only was the plot great, the characters were wonderful too! I really enjoyed Chella and her character so much! I was glued to her perspective in the very first page and she was such a sweetie. I also was obsessed with Roman! He is such a cute and soft teddy bear with an ogre shell and I couldn’t get enough of him. I just loved them together so much and that thing with the puppy just warmed my heart like a microwave! 

I also really enjoyed the epilogue and it got me so excited for the next installment! I can’t wait! 

In the fourth and final installment of the Sinfully Savage series, the main characters are Anya and Dante and I just loved them so much. This book was definitely my favorite of the series and I was so sad when it was over! 

I just really loved Anya and her story was so interesting, so heartbreaking, and so badass. I was drawn to her by the very beginning and she stole my heart and ran. She was such a badass and she was the badass queen I have been hoping for since I started this series! It was so awesome! I mean that scene when her and Dante meet was such so badass. (I know I keep using that word, but badass is the only way I can describe it!) 

I also am so in love with Dante and his wicked sense of humor. I mean I was just laughing the entire time and I enjoyed his perspective so much. He had such fun energy going on and I was definitely into it! He and Anya were just so perfect for each other and their relationship to me was so fun to watch! 

I also loved how the series came full circle through the plot. The author included the first two main characters of the series as well and it allowed me to see them in a different light and they really grew on me in the end. The conflict of their story also came to a head in this book and it allllll made sense. I just was so happy. The series came to an end in the best way possible and I just loved it and this book! 

My Series Rating

3/5 Book World 

4/5 Romance 

4/5 Plot 

3/5 Characters

Savage Ruler

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Savage Liar

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Savage Beast

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Savage Sinner

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Series Details

The Sinfully Savage series by Kristen Luciani 

Genre: Mafia Romance  

Published by February 4, 2021 –  May 26, 2021 

Copy Read: ebook, ebook, ebook, ebook (ARC) 

Pages: 1,277 

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