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The Whisper Man Review


The Kennedys have suffered a loss so they decide to move to a new house for a fresh start. When they arrive at the home, neighbors say the house is referred to as the, “scary house,” and Jake starts to hear someone whispering to him. 

My Thoughts: 

This book was a perfect book to start off my thriller reading in October. It combined my two favorite things, serial killers and creepy houses. I found all of the characters extremely fascinating and I enjoyed the twists and turns of the plot. 

The house that the father and son move into is very interesting, but I wish we had gotten a little more description. It was referred to as the scary house, but then I didn’t get the full picture of why the house was called that. I honestly was more creeped out by the garage than anything else, but that was because of the things that were inside and not the garage itself. 

The serial killer that is “helping” the detectives on the case was not something I had ever encountered before and that was interesting. If you didn’t know already, I have a terrible obsession with them and I know most of them and their stories. However, this killer was an unique story that I was equally intrigued and horrified by. When the police officer visits him in prison, their dynamic is frustrating and very hard to understand, but the clues unravel slowly throughout the novel. Also, the fact he lured children with whispers, HORRIFYING! I always thought whispering was creepy, but this takes it to a whole new level.

I loved the added dynamic of the father and son between both Jake and Tom and Tom and Pete. They both struggled with fatherhood in their own way, but they both eventually found their own way and managed to become the fathers they wanted to be. I also really liked to see the mirrored personalities of both Jake and Tom as children with both of them being very creative children and having imaginary friends based on the loss of their parents. 

There was also the relationship between the original serial killer in jail and the killer that was commiting the crimes in the book. I’m going to be honest that I called who the killer was towards the middle of the book, but I got his motive completely wrong! I felt bad for him a little at first, but when he had one of his victims, my empathy went away completely. The ending was also amazing and it will be a picture in my nightmares for years to come! 

Overall, it was a wonderful read that brought on the feelings of Halloween and Fall.  

Rating: 4 out of 5.

My Book Rating

4/5 Book World

4/5 Heebie Jeebies 

4/5 Plot

4/5 Characters

Book Details

The Whisper Man by Alex North

Genre: Thriller 

Published by Celadon Books on August 20, 2019

Copy Read: Hardcover 

Pages: 355

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