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The Wrath and the Dawn Duology


The Caliph of Khorasan is a monster. Every night, he takes a new bride and she is killed the next day. Shahrzad is his next bride. Will she survive the night?

The Wrath and the Dawn

My Thoughts 

I’m obsessed with the Middle East. I really am and have been a sucker for it since watching Aladdin when I was young. So when I read the synopsis of this book, I was immediately sold. There was such an air of mystery around the characters and their circumstances and I was consumed by the story until the very end. The author would also release details little by little throughout the book and it added to the suspense and the intrigue. 

I loved the sights, the smells, and the pure magic this book creates and I was so here for it. I loved the characters so much! Shahrzad is such a passionate and lovable main character. She has such bravery and she really grew on me immediately. I’m also OBSESSED with Khalid. OMG WAS HE STEAMY AND SEXY! He is so dark and stormy and such a yummy heart throb that would make anyone weak in the knees. These two took the enemies to lovers trope to a whole other level! I also really enjoyed that this book had multiple perspectives because it was just so nice to bounce around into all the characters’ lives and see their feelings instead of only getting the story from Shahrzad’s point of view. 

The power struggles and politics in this book world are soooooo fascinating and I honestly couldn’t pick what was going to happen. It was awesome. 

The ending was sort of confusing to me, I really didn’t understand what was happening so I have a lot of questions going into the next book.

The Rose and the Dagger

My Thoughts 

This duology is such a steamier version of Aladdin and I enjoyed the crap out of it! I loved how this series concluded, but I am really going to miss the characters and I wish there were more books! 

This book took off like a shot and did not stop until the very end of the book. It was insane and I finished it in a couple hours. I just couldn’t stop reading until I knew that my girl and her man got their happy ending. However, IT TOOK SO MUCH TO GET THERE! OMG I had so many heart attacks during reading that I worry that I need to go to the cardiologist at this point. Characters were making me so angry and they were doing so many stupid things, including my favorite couple. It took a long while for them to get their sh*t together. 

In this final installment, we also get to meet my favorite character, Artan. OMG HE IS SUCH A DELIGHT and I really wish we got more of him and less of some of the other characters (cough Irsa cough) She was the Dawn to Shahrzad’s Buffy due to the fact she created a lot of problems and she was SUCH a whiner. Ugh. 

The only problem I had with this duology is that the magic system was never really explained and it honestly didn’t really need to be there. It didn’t really add anything to the plot and it was just so confusing. The author never really explained what the magic was or where it came from so it was a little frustrating to me. 

In the end, I really enjoyed the series, but couldn’t give it five stars because the magic system was just so confusing and not necessary.

My Series Rating

4/5 Book World 

4/5 Romance 

4/5 Plot

4/5 Characters

The Wrath and the Dawn

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Rose and the Dagger

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Series Details

The Wrath and the Dawn series by Renee Ahdieh 

Genre: YA Retelling Fantasy

Published on May 12, 2015 – April 26, 2016 by G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers 

Copy Read: Paperback, Paperback 

Pages: 820

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