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Truthwitch Review


In the world of the Witchlands, Safiya and Iseult are trying to escape their pasts and live a life as sisters. However, they have one problem, one of them is a truthwitch and that rarity could get them in a lot of trouble and with war brewing, they just might be in for it. 

My Thoughts: 

I read this book a long time ago and I remember really liking it, but I remember no details whatsoever. I decided to pick it up again because a lot of people have recommended it to me so I thought why not. 

As most series go, the first book was more information about the world than action so the first part of the book was sort of slow. The book kinda starts at I would consider a weird time in both the threadsisters lives so I didn’t quite get what was really going on until about 50 pages in. I felt like we were just thrown into the sisters’ lives and I didn’t know who they were talking about or what they were talking about. There was some explanation for it, but it took me a while to get truly engaged into the book. 

I enjoyed the unique connotation that the author took on witches in this book. They were witches with powers based on the elements and it was all so cool. I don’t know what would be better to be either a truthwitch with the ability to see if people were lying or a windwitch where you can throw people and objects with wind or create wind storms. It was all so awesome! 

I loved Safiya from the moment she strolled into the book. She was the sassy and entertaining heroine that I always want when I read a fantasy. She has an exterior that is definitely armor that hides a very vulnerable insecurity that made me really feel for her and root for her as the story went on. I also really enjoyed Iseult! She was the yin to Safiya’s yang and I just loved their friendship! Iseult also really surprised me throughout the book and how strong she turned out to be especially considering her past. 

Prince Merik is also such a heartthrob and he made me laugh with all his hilarious thoughts about a certain character. The sexual tension between those two was so juicy, I was edge of my seat desperately waiting for the next juicy scene between the two. I also was very intrigued by Aeduan! I don’t really understand his character or the role he will play in the series, but I am so excited to find out. I feel like his heart is actually three sizes bigger than we think, so I’m waiting to see if I’m right. 

The book really started to pick up for me at around page 150 and just took out with a supreme bang! There were so many parts of action and intrigue that I was desperately turning the pages to find out more. The book ended with such a bang that I can’t wait to start the next one! 

My Book Rating

5/5 Book World

4/5 Romance 

4/5 Plot

4/5 Characters

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Book Details

Truthwitch by Susan Dennard 

Genre: Fantasy 

Published by Tor Teen on January 5, 2016 

Copy Read: Hardcover 

Pages: 415

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