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Den of Vipers Review


Roxanne is a girl that won’t take anyone’s sh*t. She runs her own dive bar and she knows how to take care of herself until she meets the Vipers. They are one set of men that she can’t fight, so if she can’t fight them, she might as well join them. 

My Thoughts 

DAMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNN….this book was STEAMY OMG! I flooded my basement on multiple occasions and it was a new level of kink that I’ve never encountered. I mean it took me aback for a minute, but once I was in it, I got so into it! 

I’ve seen so many people reading this book and since I love the author, I just had to join in on the hype and I was so glad I did! OMG every aspect about this book drew me in from the title, to the cover, and the summary was so on point. I was literally drooling when I read the summary. Vipers is such a great gang name and they completely fit that title to the very end! These people are BLOODTHIRSTY in a sexy way, which I never thought was possible….there may be something wrong with me, but I’m okay with it. 

This book had so much suspense that I was biting my nails the entire time and it was AWESOME! The book was go go goooo GOOOOOO from start to finish and it was a beautiful thing. Usually I would get confused by all the action, but the author had such a balance between action, character development, and banter. It was a truly beautifully written romance that had something for everyone. The banter was HILARIOUS. OMG Roxanne had a mouth on her that we all wish we had. Her lines were sassy in the best way and it just made me laugh out loud almost every single page. 

The book was told from multiple perspectives and I found myself equally interested in all of them. Usually I will have a couple favorites and try not to skim through the rest of them, but this book had me devouring all of their thoughts in a way that has never happened before. What a gorgeous job this author did. Standing ovation Ms. Knight. So GOOD! 

The only thing that people need to understand is that this is a very dark and very gory romance. Some of the scenes were EXTREMELY gory. At one point, the book involved tearing out someone’s body parts so if you are not into that, you should probably avoid. Also, some of the sex scenes were gory and involved blood. It took me a minute to get into it, but I ended up enjoying it because of the dynamic of the characters. However, this is a trigger warning for some that do not enjoy that. 

The main characters in this book were AMAZING and I just loved all of them so much and will never forget them. Roxanne is A BADASS AND I LOVED HER! I honestly pictured her as Harley Quinn. I mean her favorite weapon was a bat. She needs a bejeweled one I swear! Also, can I have her clothes? She was NEVER a damsel in distress, I mean there is a scene where she escapes and it was (clap) so (clap) BADASS (clap) !!!! 

Diesel was my favorite character of this book by a small millimeter compared to the other characters. He was INSANE, don’t get me wrong and he could scare me at times, but he had the best sense of humor and could be so sweet at times. He never did anything that Roxanne didn’t like so they worked so well together. He entertained me the most out of all the other boys. Ryder was that alpha male that we all love. Omg his sex scenes with Roxy were SMOKING. (fanning myself just thinking about it!) His bossiness was a hotness that was off the scoville scale! 

Garrett was the boxer type in many romances, but the author added a very new and unique dynamic to his character that I enjoyed getting to know. She peeled back the layers of his personality that I enjoyed following. Kenzo was a great character, but I felt that sometimes he could get lost in the shuffle compared to the other characters and their overwhelming problems. However, he had a sexiness that the others could not beat. He can roll his dice around me anytime!! DAMN! 

I love that this book was a standalone, although I would love to spend more time with these amazing characters. I thought the author did an outstanding job wrapping up the characters and their crazy lives in a very realistic and pleasing way. OMG EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THIS HOT AND STEAMY ROMANCE! 

My Book Rating

5/5 Book World 

5/5 Romance 

5/5 Plot

5/5 Characters

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Book Details

Den of Viper by K.A. Knight 

Genre: Dark Reverse Harem Romance 

Published on July 10, 2020 

Copy Read: Ebook (Kindle Unlimited) 

Pages: 646 

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