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Fragile Eternity Review


In the third installment of the Wicked Lovely series, all the courts are dealing with the new changes and betrayals of the last installment. The courts are in chaos and Aislinn and Seth’s relationship is in turmoil. Will the courts go to war and will Seth and Aislinn’s relationship survive? 

My Thoughts 

Like the last installment of the series, this installment was equally heartbreaking in every way possible. There was so much miscommunication, selfishness, guilt, and greed, that no characters could have won true happiness. 

This installment went back to Aislinn’s story from Wicked Lovely, after the horrible aftermath of Iron Exchange. The damage of a broken Leslie has fractured the courts in a way that I don’t see any harmony in sight! Aislinn feels so guilty and alone as the new Summer Queen. She is feeling a tug of war between her mortal life with her Grams, Seth, and her friends and her Fae life with Keenan and her court. They are also not at all helpful for her. Seth is really trying to not feel jealous of her close relationship with Keenan, but he is also not discussing his insecurities with his mortality with her either. She is also no help either because she refuses to discuss it with Seth which leads to resentment and discord. 

Yes, Aislinn is suffering from wanting to have her cake and eat it too, but I can’t help but feel for her because I don’t know what I would do in that position. She is a queen of creatures that she was taught to despise and has no idea of how vicious the royals of the differing courts can be. She learns that she is not safe as she thought she was with the other courts and is paying for all the mistakes that Keenan has made. She is no frosty snowflake, but she doesn’t deserve all this strife. Seth decides to take their relationship into his hands and ends up leaving Aislinn and she has no choice, but to move on. He left her for six months with no word after a huge argument, and with her own court pressuring her to be with Keenan, she caves. I don’t judge her for wanting to move on, but I was also mad at her for not trying to find out more about where Seth had gone. 

In the last installment, I loved Seth and his compassion, but in this installment, I find myself angry with him. He should have talked to Aislinn about his feelings and he should have discussed with her what he wanted from her and their relationship. I also felt that he should have handled going to Sorcha’s court much better instead of leaving her a voicemail where she could speculate anything other than the truth. 

Niall and Donia also made me mad in the book because they could have helped Aislinn, but again, they forced her to pay for Keenan’s mistakes. Niall is definitely coming into his own as the King of the Dark Court, but his anger and feelings of betrayal are blinding him and he causes more turmoil between the Summer and Dark Court. Donia is also suffering between loving and hating Keenan; however, the way she treats Aislinn is not cool and made me angry with her. 

Keenan just continues to be a selfish and non communicative jerk. I just can’t get over how awful he is. I mean I feel for the guy, but I do not agree with any of his choices. He feels a tug of war between Aislinn and Donia, but he acts as though Donia is just a passing phase until Aislinn loses Seth. He doesn’t love her and I don’t why Donia and Aislinn believe that he does. 

Lastly, the politics of the Fae courts was so chaotic that I could not keep track of what was going on. I just don’t understand enough about the courts and how they can come to a period of harmony. I liked getting to know Sorcha’s court, but I did not like her holier than thou attitude and the fact that she thinks she is the queen of all the fae. 

Overall, it was a heartbreaking read, and I hope that the next installment brings some hope to this hopeless situation. 

My Book Rating

5/5 Book World

5/5 Romance

5/5 Plot

5/5 Characters

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Book Details

Fragile Eternity by Melissa Marr

Genre: Fantasy

Published by Bowen Press on April 21, 2009

Copy Read: Ebook on Kindle

Pages: 389

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