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Nameless Queen


In this kingdom, there is a class system that determines whether you get a name or not. Coin named herself and has done everything that she can do to survive, but when something shows up on her arm, her life will change forever.

My Thoughts 

This book, oh this book, was such a surprising joy that I did not expect in the least. Yes, it had no romance and it was a little more young adult then I’ve been reading for a while, but it was such an unique and well throughout concept that I just couldn’t put it down until the very end. This took rebellion and royal reads to a very new level that prosed lessons that could be taken into the contemporary and touch everyone in today’s society. It was such an awesome ride that I just loved and everyone should read. 

Wow! This book was such an amazing young adult fantasy that everyone will just love. I mean there was just so much to love about it. I mean it had rebellion, a badass heroine, an amazing magic system, royalty woes, thieves and bandits…… IT JUST HAD EVERYTHING THAT YOU COULD POSSIBLY WANT! I mean what more could you ask for in this type of fantasy?!? 

This book world’s society is just so interesting and so heartbreaking at the same time. The book world’s society is a class systems split into three classes, the Royals, the Loyals, and the Nameless. The Royals are of course of the royal class, the Loyals are similar to a middle class system, and the Nameless are like the peasants of the society. However, the Nameless are in so much of a worse position than the peasants. They have no rights, no home, and NO NAME. They are literally nameless and choose a name for themselves based on the horrible lives they have had to live in order to survive. It is just awful in all ways around and my heart just broke for them. 

The society also has a very weird and interesting way of passing down their power. I just found the whole thing very bizarre and something that I had never heard of before. I mean it was obviously kept in the same circle of monarchs, but this time had a very interesting twist that was made to change to course of the entire kingdom. It was such a badass plot and it was so unpredictable in the best possible way. However, even if you were chosen to receive the power of the throne, you still had to go through an epic showdown to keep it. It reminded me of the Roman colosseum and I was just obsessed with it all. 

The characters in this book were also so loveable and so amazing! I just loved the main character so much and she possessed a strength that was admirable and so amazing to read about. Coin is such a selfless character and such a great role model to young readers. There were also amazing sister bonds highlighted in this book that were just so heartbreakingly beautiful. The concept of creating your own family despite the horrible circumstances of life were so prominent in this fantasy I just adored it. 

Overall, this book was such a powerful message that was displayed through great writing, a unique and well developed book world and class system, and some amazing and fierce characters. Make sure to pick up this read and let me know what you think! 

My Book Rating

5/5 Book World 

0/5 Romance 

5/5 Plot 

4/5 Characters

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Book Details

Nameless Queen by Rebecca McLaughlin

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy 

Published by January 7, 2020 by Crown Books For Young Readers    

Copy Read: Hardcover 

Pages: 352

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