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One Point of View or Multiple Points of View?

Books are an amazing look into a wonderful new world told in the different perspective of another person. Whether or not the book is fictional, a perspective from one person makes a story completely different than if another person told it. The perspective of a character will make or break a book; therefore, I seem to enjoy multiple points of view in a book rather than one point of view.

They Add More Background to a Character 

If a book has multiple perspectives, it offers just a unique experience to the plot. A book isn’t like a movie so you can only rely on the main character’s internal dialogue and experience to understand what is going on in a book. If it has multiple perspectives, it allows you to see the main character for different points of view and to see their real personalities. 

It Makes Romances More Exciting 

If a romance novel has the perspectives of both the heroine and the love interest, I AM HOOKED! It is so much fun to see both sides of a relationship and how they feel about the same scene. It keeps me entertained so much more than if a romance has only one perspective. 

It Allows You to Understand the Book World More 

I read a LOT of fantasy novels and I always seem to enjoy the ones that have multiple perspectives than the ones that don’t for so many reasons. However, the biggest reason is it allows you to understand the book world that the author has created in a shorter amount of time. Most authors will have characters from different social classes or types of creatures so that the reader can understand the different views of the world and how they work.  

It Adds More Details to the Story 

When a book has different points of view, you get a lot more details than if you were only getting one point of view. If a scene doesn’t include a main character, you could miss a vital or a small detail that could add more humor or depth to the plot. I’m always curious to know more about what other characters really think about the main character and more explanation of their actions against or towards the main character. 

Side Characters Get More Time to Shine 

Side characters are such an important part of a book because they add more details and understanding to the plot. When a book has multiple perspectives, you get to see the side characters from different views and you have a better opportunity to get to know them more. I sometimes like the side characters better than the main character so this is definitely an added bonus for me.  

It Keeps the Book Moving 

The most important point I think that multiple perspectives do for a book is that they keep the reader more entertained than if it was only one perspective. I mean this is my opinion and you might disagree, but when I notice a chapter is based on another’s point of view from the previous one, I’m more inclined to keep reading, no matter how tired or hungry I might be. It keeps the book moving in a way that it entertains the reader and allows the plot to move much more smoothly. 

All books in all their writing forms are amazing and I enjoy them all! However, I usually find myself enjoying books that have more than one perspective just a little bit more. This article is definitely my opinion and I would love to hear which writing style you prefer and why. If you want to share, make sure to let me know in the comment below. Thank you for reading!

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