Review Policy

Please look over my policy if you want to contact me to post a review.

What genres I like to read: 

I really love to read anything. However, I really like to read fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, memoirs, romance, and dystopian fiction. I also read mostly young adult fiction, but am willing to read adult fiction as well. I do love any genre with a little romance in it, but if it doesn’t have any, I will still consider it. The only thing I really stay away from is self-help books. I just don’t like them and would rather not read them. 

What my reviews with include: 

I keep my reviews as honest as possible. I usually start my reviews with a short summary of the book. I will not include any spoilers in my writing, but vaguely discuss what I liked and didn’t like about the book and why.

I will also use a 5/5 system to rate my reads within different categories that are different depending on the genre of the book

For fantasy and most fiction, I will use the categories that include: Book World, Romance, Plot, and Characters.

For thrillers or horror, I will use the categories that include: Suspense, Heebie Jeebies, Plot and Characters.

For non-fiction, I will use the categories that include: Informative, Interesting, Writing, and Effect.

5/5: I was obsessed and couldn’t think straight after reading it. 

4/5: I couldn’t put it down! 

3/5: I liked it, but don’t know if I would read it again. (I’m a major rereader.) 

2/5: I’m glad I read it, but I had some issues with it. 

1/5: This book offended me in some way or I didn’t want to finish it. 

I don’t always write good reviews, but I promise that it is my own honest opinion of the book I read. I will also try to let readers know what books are similar to the book I’m reviewing to make it more relatable. 

Where I post my reviews:  

Goodreads: (Rebecca Hawkins-Lee)

Instagram: (

Book Formats I accept: 

I love all forms of books for ARCs or finished copies!! I will accept: 

Physical Books 

E-books (Kindle or Epub please) 


How to contact me: 

If you like to contact me to ask me for a review, please email me at: It might take me a couple of days to get back to you because my email is a mess!