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Synced to Us


Dee Sparrow has worked her butt off to get where she is and she won’t let anyone take that away, even when her coworker tries to blackmail her out of a promotion. Don’t worry, she’s got this, she has a down and out rockstar in her back pocket. 

My Thoughts 

I received this read as an ARC from the wonderful people of The Hatters Authors Services for an honest review. This book is the third book of the Rockers to Lovers series by Ketley Allison. Even though it was the third book of the series, this book can be read as a standalone because all the books of the series focus on a different character. This book centered around the characters of Dee and Wynn and they are such loveable and fun characters to read. Their story was such a good read with so many twists and turns and broke and warmed my soul at the same time. 

I forgot how much I love and enjoy the fake relationship trope because it is just so so SO good and this one was definitely one of my favorites. It made the conflict for this trope even more juicy and I was glued to the pages from the very first chapter. The book was told through the eyes of both Dee and Wynn with alternating chapters and I was so here for it. I’m obsessed with multiple perspectives because they provide so much insight to the overall story because as a reader, we can only see what the main character sees. 

Adding multiple perspectives to this read is very important because there was a LOT of conflict in this book and it added a lot of confusion for the reader. These characters also had a lot of baggage from their past that they were holding and they were not open about their feelings ABOUT ANYTHING! They both were just a lot and honestly were the only ones that could handle each other…. 

Since it was the third in a series, maybe I missed something, but I felt like the storyline focused a little more on Wynn’s conflict than Dee’s. I was kind of annoyed about that because I found Dee’s problems to be pushed at the back end and a majority of the plot was spent on Wynn’s… I just wanted more insight on Dee’s story and I was a little annoyed, sorry for the temper tantrum. 

I loved loved LOVED Dee so much. She is such a badass character with a heart of pure gold and she got sh*t on the entire book by every single person. Dee never did that to Wynn or anyone else, why couldn’t they just leave her alone!?! I mean Wynn wasn’t in the best shape and everyone seemed to be on his side while everyone kind of expected Dee to just pick herself up and get over it. NOT COOL GUYS, NOT COOL…. However, I have nothing against Wynn because he is amazing and definitely my pick of the month… can you say…. YUMMY! But…. he didn’t have any tattoos…. Sorry he’s not a rockstar if he doesn’t have some yummy tattoos….. 

There was also a little snag in the ending. The plot line was so fast paced and addicting that when the ending came around, I was just a little unsatisfied. It was just over and I wasn’t happy about it. 

Overall this read was a great one and I’m on the hunt for some more rocker and fake relationship romances! If you have any suggestions, put them in the comment below! 

My Book Rating

4/5 Book World 

4/5 Romance 

4/5 Plot 

4/5 Characters

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Book Details

Synced to Us by Ketley Allison 

Genre: Contemporary Romance  

Published on May 20, 2021   

Copy Read: ebook (ARC) 

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