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When Wishes Bleed

The upheaval in my life began the moment a prince stumbled into my house and asked me to read his fortune. Any other night, I might have made an excuse to get him to leave, but this was no normal visit. My fingers prickled to touch him. So, I granted his request by handing him a single wishbone. When he snapped it, the wish … bled.  

Hearing me suck in a shocked breath, he asked what it meant. Such an ominous omen could only mean one thing: his death was imminent. Fate revealed that he wouldn’t die of natural causes. Someone wanted him dead. Stunned by the revelation, the man I now knew as Prince Tauren disappeared into a night I feared he wouldn’t survive. The following day, I received an invitation to the castle. While it seemed the prince believed I could intervene and uncover who was plotting his death, his motives didn’t stop there. I was being summoned to join twelve other women in vying for the opportunity to be his wife and future queen. 

Going could mean jeopardizing my plans to reclaim my heritage and resurrect the House of Fate. But staying would guarantee Tauren’s death, and the blood of his wish would be on my hands.

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My Thoughts 

I am so grateful to Books of Match Media and the author for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review! I thought this book a truly interesting take for a fantasy with very loose fairytale vibes and Fate as a personified figure. 

First of all, the book world is so flipping cool! The author was clearly influenced by the Hunger Games and The Selection series to come up with this phenomenal world, but I found myself enjoying her world much more because these characters have access to some amazing elements of magic! 

Sable, the main character, is the Daughter of Fate. When we think of Fate, we think of either the Greek mythology’s version of the three sisters or an omnipotent presence that does things that makes life miserable with no rhyme or reason. This author has created a version that actually speaks and influences events and circumstances using an actual vessel which in this case was Sable. 

I thought this was SO COOL! I was instantly obsessed with Sable and her powers. Her powers just kept getting more and more interesting as the story went on! I also was very intrigued by the different houses and their powers and the power dynamics of the organization of witches. It was just so fascinating! 

The plot of the book was also intriguing because it combined the elements of districts like in Hunger Games with the find a mate game from The Selection series. I thought this was an interesting combination and twist on the book world. 

I mean there were elements of the story that I didn’t like, but the author did them in a way that I couldn’t be too mad about it. For example, there was a love triangle, but Sable was very adamant the whole book in saying she was not interested, which I really respected. It gave her a level of maturity that made the trope bearable. 

I also was not the biggest fan of the prince… He was meh and I definitely would’ve gone with the other guy. 

I also thought the story kind of dragged at 70%…. It could’ve been a little shorter and it would’ve been perfect. 

Overall, this fantasy was sooo unique and interesting and I can’t wait to see what more this book world has to offer! 

My Book Rating

5/5 Book World 

3/5 Romance 

5/5 Plot 

5/5 Characters

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Book Details

When Wishes Bleed by Casey L. Bond 

Genre: YA Fantasy 

Published on November 1, 2019 

Copy Read: ARC ebook 

Pages: 462 

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